ECOlunchbox {Review}

{review of} ECOlunchbox

I love learning about reusable products. I love finding reusable products that are actual useful and resourceful and practical and cute, all mixed into on. Enter ECOlunchbox. This company is genius.

You HAVE to check out this video below, from the owner of ECOlunchbox, to hear her story.

{the verdict} ECOlunchbox

I hate plastic. I hate waste. Thankfully, there is a really incredible alternative - ECOlunchbox.

I now have an ECOlunchbox Solo Cube and an ECOdipper Snack Container, reusable stainless steel containers to send my daughter to school with every day.

ECOlunchbox sent me two products, the ECOlunchbox Solo Cube as well as the ECOdipper Snack Container. Here is the adorable packaging:


The ECOlunchbox cube is just the right size for sandwiches and tons of yummy chopped-up goodness, which are the two things I make the most often for my family.

The ECOdipper was just the right size for some cut up cheese that I gave my daughter for her snack.

Here are the two containers that I packed for my daughter's snack at lunch:

ecolunchbox photo2


  • no plastic
  • no waste
  • reusable
  • awesome sizes
  • great company to support

{to consider}

  • takes more work than throwing away waste


I really love this company as well as these products! I love learning more about Sandra Ann Harris, the owner of ECOlunchbox.

I will definitely be getting more ECOlunchbox containers! I really want this adorable ECOlunchwrap and never have to use paper or plastic!

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