I woke up late. 7am, I mean. That's late for us here. Mike has been up with the girls since 5am. Not even because of Daylight Saving Time, but just because they like to torture us with watching the sunrise every morning. (They don't really watch it. We don't either. It's more like we drowsily walk over to the TV and put on Toy Story 3 for the umpteenth time this month and then attempt to fall back asleep. We are horrible parents, I get it.)

Anyway, I walked out of the room to the smell of bacon and eggs. Oh, and coffee. How I forgot that part, I don't know. My man is good to me. I sit down to devour breakfast and sip on some yummy French Vanilla creamer with a dash of coffee. (Yes, we restocked on creamer after The Creamer Incident.)

Then I decided, amidst the yelling and screaming children begging to eat because I'm hungrrryyyyyyyyyy! , even though they LITERALLY just finished bacon and eggs, Get real, kids. that I was going to attempt to go to SITS Sharefest on twitter. I snuck into my bedroom (because who can be on their phone near children, sure as hell not me) to get in on the action.

Bad idea. I was on my phone at the zippity-crazy-fast party for all of five minutes before Lia (4 yo) came in saying "Siena (2 yo) is spraying me!" As she whipped her crazy curly hair to run back to the action, a very familiar scent arose.

That smells JUST like buggyLOVE's Lifestyle Collection, Tangerine scented All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner. In her damn hair. At least it's organic.

"Mike, the girls are in something they're not supposed to be in!!!." Mother of the Year, yes, that's me.

He realizes that the girls have sprayed their entire bodies with this cleaner. And he's just a teensy bit upset. Especially when he walks down the hallway and sees me on my phone, ferociously attempting to have some dialogue with some blogging "friends" of mine. Dang, caught in the act.

There goes my five minutes of party time at the Sharefest. On to more important, you know, motherly things - bathing your children, nursing your baby, feeding the starving beings. I finally was able to sit back down at the computer for a minute while Mike is at Crossfit (have you ever tried Crossfit?? Sounds insane/amazing/I would die!)... and I attempting to check out some posts from the Fest.

I loved when I found Find Beauty Friday at Dear Harper after seeing Lattes and Paw Print's Sharefest post since she is the co-host of Find Beauty Friday. Very cool. So, I'm linking up, because I'm growing an addiction to linking up with people and making linkups. Is Link-Up Addiction a thing yet?

Anyway, here is my Find Beauty Friday picture. Because we love dandelions more than anything.




Yes, I know it's Saturday. I'm usually a little late to the party. Get used to it ;)

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