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This year has been particularly... interesting.

I have been on so many sides of the spectrum - one day I am full of joy and love and spirit, and the next it's like I can't quite feel my footing.

Yet, the entire time, I have voiced encouragement.

You can do it! You're a great mom!

Not only to others, but to myself.

Encouragement is not the easiest thing when you feel like you're slipping out from under yourself.

You're going to make it through today! Tomorrow will brighten the darkness.. As I fall flat on my tush, worn out from the directions that pull me every which way.

Is this grace? Is that where this comes from? Where do we find it within ourselves to be that for others when sometimes we aren't even that for ourselves?

It sure as hell is difficult. Life. And it sure as hell is beautiful.

But that, encouragement, that's somewhere deep in there that comes out despite where in the line we fall. And that's gotta be grace.

There's no other explanation for where something comes from nothing. Besides Him.


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I'm so excited to be co-hosting with the beautiful and lovely Aimee of Dear Harper. Awhile back I found her link-up for Find Beauty Friday and fell in love with the idea: finding beauty in the every day and linking it with others who are searching and finding the same things. Ever since then, I've been an avid Find Beauty Friday-er and look forward to it every week. I'm honored to co-host alongside her today. Check out her blog, her designs... you won't be disappointed. Oh, and of course, link up with us below.