Well ladies {and gents, be there any}, it's time for a little Five on Friday Recap.  Jenna's been having all the fun the last couple weeks, so I'm gonna jump right on in on this little party. ;)


barn 2

Went to a lovely wedding for some sweet friends last weekend.  It took place in a barn, smack dab in the middle of the desert.  You know us Arizonan's, soaking up our sweet weather right now, it was a beautiful 70 degree day.

Take a look at this great venue...


and my fun peplum dress!  Have I mentioned I LOVE fashion??  Dressing up like this gets me all giddy inside.

dress 1


This happened.  I mean come on, natural talent or what???? ;)  I actually never took dance growing up, so this is quiet a fun little adventure.  My little miss is more than excited to dress up and strut around.  And she even gets to do it with her little besties.  What could be better in life??

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I'm in love with this new necklace, from.... wait for it.... targgett.  I know, I know, pretty amaze balls, huh!! It's the little things in life, ladies, I tell ya.



I am DYING to get serious about my picture taking.  I love the new helpful hints I have gotten from #theeverdayproject and now I am ready to take it to the big leagues.  Oooookkkaay, let's be honest, it's probably still the minors.  My goal is to get one of these babies, take an awesome class and get out there and start practicing.  I've previously been overwhelmed by all the settings and that jazz. But I am so hating my flat, plain, blurry, yucky photos.   Onto bigger and brighter.



My baby, well she insist she is growing out of being my baby.  don't do it baby girl, don't do it!  

Maybe I'm feeling all mushy cuz she's over this...

malaya 3

and now been working her little pattoie off trying to do this...

malaya stand 1

and this...

malaya stand 2

(sorry for the blur, she hasn't quiet mastered the move yet.  and the poor lighting, I haven't quiet mastered by moves yet)

She is on her way.  Isn't it such a dream to watch our babies grow?  the. best. life. ever.


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