five on friday 4111:: Zara Girls outfit- I'm obsessed with Zara.  I could probably buy everything in their store.  Myself and kids wardrobes included.  Our recent family pictures included Zara pieces on both my daughters and I couldn't be happier with their sweet outfits.  This cute ensemble is from their kids collection also and I just love the layered look.  But okay, practically would I ever dress my daughter in this day to day?? okay, probably not.  But maybe for a special occasion.  Whadya think?

2:: raising boys. - This post by Bridget from Tales of Me and the Husband is short, sweet and beautiful depicted.  I was always nervous about life with a son.  Somedays the wildness of boy is enough to drop me to my knees.  But the sweetness within the wild is all but too much.  My two-year-old runs around the house with his sword slashing and triumphing from another won battle.  And in the same breath that he slashes me with his sword he leans in and gives a gentle kiss.  nothing. nothing sweeter!

3:: Mother and Child Sketch- This amazing piece by Pablo Picasso was one I wasn't familiar with until I randomly found it one day while par-oozing Pinterest.  What a gem to find something so captivating in the mix of all the madness of Pinterest.  I love the beautiful imperfection of it all, the practicing of the hand on the side that he didn't bother to erase or cover.  The genuineness of a mother embrace, baby grazing her face.  We have all known this pose, and we cherish it.  I can't wait to get this on my walls and cherish it even more.

4:: "Strangers on the Internet"- Ummmm..... yeah.  Way to hit the nail on the head!  Why is this so hard to do!? I know I needed this reminder.  And the colors, the font, ahhh, it's all so beautiful.  And inspiring.  Head over to Emily McDowell's Etsy shop to see even more of her beautiful prints!

5:: "Third Spring"- It's safe to say I've got the travel bug.  Big time.  When I hit a lull in my day, my mind easily travels.  Literally, travels to the places of the world I am longing to see.  My real dream is to see the nooks and cranes of small towns outside the big cities.  See the life that is lived.  But on the list of big cities to see, is of course Paris.  Paris in Four Months is a beautiful blog documenting by photo Carin's life in the city of love.  These photos of the flowers in bloom and the beautiful city architecture are enough to make my heart flutter.


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