Five on Friday :: Springtime Edition

1. This post is amazeballs. Check it, bloggers and non-bloggers alike. And then go take a break and let your mind be at peace. For a hot minute. And see what comes of it. I can't wait.

2. Little Hip Squeaks is ADORABLE. I just know my girls would look fab in these headbands! So stinking cute.

3. Speaking of my girls, I'm pretty sure all four of us need matching bracelets (obvs.), so can we get on this?! I'm dying with the cuteness at Lucky Sage Shop.

4. Noonday collection is inspiring me a lot lately. From Mary's post to their incredible Spring catalog, I am feeling re-motivated to find unique pieces that make me feel beautiful. Don't forget that this cause is AMAZING. Also, yes that's Casey of The Wiegands. Her hubby took the pictures for their catalog, and he's so talented!

5. Um. Lettuce Turnip The Beet?! GENIUS. So, naturally, I need this for daughters (I know, I know... I don't really NEED, but seriously, coup, you're genius).

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