Mr. Laundry Pile,

I’m writing to let you know, we’ve got beef!  I don’t know if we can continue on like this, this relationship between you and I.  You haunt me daily, with your tall, vast, overflowing nature.  You steal hours, days, years away from my life without any “thank you” or repayment.  You act all sweet and innocent, begging to cleaned.  Begging to have that fresh, sweet smell about you.  But I know its all an act!  You’ll be right back in the pile tomorrow.  I mean after all, how many times does the 3 year old change in a day.  I mean, surely you guys have conspired against me in this evil plot.  Whatever the circumstance, I’m writing to you today to let you know it’s not gonna fly this weekend.  This mama is not falling for your tricks, it’s not working this time.  I’m walking away!

“what’s that dear? ohh you have no more clean panties??

ooooohhhhkkkaaaaayyyy fine


I give up.

You win again!

I can’t stand looking at your dirty, stinky self.

Come on over here, I’ll start the water.


A laundry hating mama

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