Five Minute Friday {Lonely}



I can imagine the woman. Settling in on her bed of dirty sheets and empty dreams.

She lived a life so grand before it all was not so grand. Until it was all gone and she was left with dirty sheets and empty dreams.

Before it all went wrong,

She sparkled.

She was a sweet young girl who was obedient and kind and dreamt beautiful tales of adventure. She was an innocent.

Until it was taken from her.

It doesn't have to be rape, it doesn't have to be seeing her mother physically abused, it doesn't have to be any of the grandeous things we come up with when we think she lost her innocence.

No one knows what it is that happened. No one may ever know, for this lonely soul is sleeping on dirty sheets and empty dreams, with no one to talk to.

You avoid eye contact with her on the street corner, with her sign that reads I NEED HELP.

You feel sorry for her - of course you do - we all do. But you don't look at her. And you tell yourself that the car behind you will help her in some other way than you're able to.

You pity the woman, but you cannot even look her in the eyes for her to see her rejection. I can't look at you, it is too painful for me.

Why didn't I look at you? Why didn't I help you?

I can never ask you for forgiveness, but I beg that one day I may see you again. And not just see you in the distance, on the street corner, but really SEE YOU.

Look at you, peer into your eyes, and tell you that you are not alone.

Your dirty sheets and your empty dreams are not the end.

This is not the end.


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