photo 3 TREE


It was the first time I knew.  The first time I let myself know.

Love was this scary foreign thing, back then.  We were in that beginning place where we were fearful to jump in, unsure if we were ready to take that risk.  For too long I listened to the loud, fearful voice in the back of my head that said "NO! Love is dangerous!"

And then this place. The cool gentle breeze.  The beauty of the new growth.  The tall, breathtaking green around us.  The journey of a rocky, pre-laid path.

The journey of a couple.

I took a long deep breath and gazed at the beauty around me.  This place of nature, this place of bliss.  And I let Him speak to me.  I let myself see how each breath of the wind swept through the arms of the trees above us.  And suddenly, there was no fear.  There was no room for fear in a beautiful place such as this.  The place we fell in love.

We go back, when we need a reminder.  When I'm hearing that voice of fear too loud again.  And I look up.  I sit and I watch how the wind moves through those trees and I am reminded of that first time I knew.  And I let myself know again, that Love will always be enough for us!  


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