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"...that's when you give love, and I know this is true, because that's how a dinosaur says 'I love you.'" ~from How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

Yeah, that's true. You will do crazy things and drive me absolutely bananas. But I know in the end, you'll give love. It's true.

Some days it's all I can think of to make it through. This day will eventually end with snuggles and kisses and so much more.

Maybe I'll even forget about the coconut oil you were swimming and playing with after dropping it all over the kitchen while I was nursing your sissy to sleep. Maybe I'll forget that you were chugging the Costco size French Vanilla creamer you stole from the refrigerator as I rounded the corner.

Maybe I'll forget once you give me that angelic look, wrapping your hands around my head and squeezing me like you'll never let go.

This is true. I know it. Because that's how you say I Love You.



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