I made my first cloth diaper confession here. It's been four months since I wrote that and my love for cloth has continued to grow. I still have no loyalty to any one brand. This is good and bad. It's good because that means I can always shop for deals. When I say deals, I do not mean cheap diapers. I mean quality made diapers that I buy used in good or excellent condition, seconds sales, etc. It's bad because it would be nice (especially for dads and babysitters) to have one diaper system. It's good because in the six months I've used cloth diapers on Ted, his body has grown and changed and diapers that fit well at one month do not always fit the same at six months...even if they are One Size (OS). It's bad because it means I still love buying diapers and I'm not quite sure I'm saving any money anymore. Shh...that's our secret.

So I was thrilled when Jenna from A Mama Collective asked me to review the FUNKY FLUFF Fusion Bamboo 3-in-1 System.

{review of} Funky Fluff & Stuff

funky fluff

FUNKY FLUFF & STUFF INC. was founded by two long time friends, Kathy Bello and Tricia Corda. They are a small Canadian home based business and a team of two moms located in Toronto, Ontario. They are both cloth diapering mommas and each have two boys who are almost the same age.

These two mamas wanted to design a cloth diaper that was eco-friendly, safe and a quality product. You can get the full bio of these mamas here.

Features of the Product

  • Three-in-One Diaper - you can use it as an All In One (AIO), Pocket Diaper, or All In Two (AI2)
  • Double Gusset to better prevent leaks
  • Includes two inserts, one light soaker (3 layers of bamboo) and one heavy duty soaker (4 layers of bamboo)
  • One Size Diaper
  • Pocket openings in front and back
  • Inserts can be snapped in front and back
  • Price $21.99

First and foremost, I love that this product is made by two mamas who know first-hand what it is like to cloth diaper. I think it is very evident in the design of this diaper. This diaper is not too bulky, but very absorbent, and the bamboo is super soft on baby's skin.

One of my favorite diapers is Rumparooz because of the double gusset. The Funky Fluff cloth diaper also features a double gusset to help prevent leaks. Every time I put this diaper on Ted it was around a nap. Each time he woke up from a nap, clothes were completely dry even though the diaper was soaked! I love double gussets!

I love cloth, but one thing I don't love is the bulk of some diapers. This diaper is super absorbent, but not too bulky. It has a trim fit which is perfect for Ted, who has a small waist. He's six months old and he's still on the lowest rise of snaps.

I also love that there are three ways to use this diaper. If you really have no idea where to start with cloth, this is your diaper. You can use it as an All In One, Pocket or All In Two to see which method you like best.

The majority of my stash is pocket diapers. One thing that bothers me about pockets is when the insert moves around.  I've been snapping the insert in the pocket because I love that it snaps in the front and back and stays put. Another thing I don't like about most pockets is the big gap in fabric between the shell and the lining where you stuff the diaper. This diaper is made so there is no gap in extra fabric.

Last, but not least...the colors!! I love the bright colors with different colored snaps!

Best of all, my diaper tester loves this diaper too!

My only complaint is there was some pilling on the insert after I washed and prepped it. I don't know if this is due to how I washed it or prepped it. It's a small thing compared to what a great diaper this is.

I would absolutely buy this diaper again. I love that it is made with bamboo, has double gussets on the legs and you can use it three different ways. What I love the best is supporting two mamas who have a passion for cloth!

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Happy diapering, mamas!

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