The Great Grey Hair Crisis of 2014

{this post contains a great deal of catastrophizing.  read with caution}

I've seen them before, those pesky grey hairs.  Invading my precious brown locks.  All wirey and coarse.  They stick out like a sore thumb.

But friends, they are getting worse.  Last week, I was doing my hair, and I found this.

grey hair 1

Another one.  Right there, smack dab in the middle of my part.  Great, can't even hide this one.

I proceeded to text some of my girlfriends who I had recently been talking about my greying crisis with.  I even sent them the proof.  (Picture taken by my then-dying-laughing-husband.  Meanie!)

In our conversation days prior, Anna Kate, mentioned that you aren't supposed to pull them or they get worse.  "Oh shit!" I responded.  Knowing I was really in for trouble now.  But when Anna Kate saw this one, she responded with "You better pull that bitch!"  The banter with my girlfriends went back and forth for a couple minutes, each of us still in our 20's, miserably exclaiming our aging woes.  (I really should have screen captured that one for you guys.  It was good.  It even included the old lady emoticon.)

Then, two days later, I was once again, doing my hair and found a spot with four grey hairs.  Yes, FOUR!!  Like really, this is getting serious now.


I impulsively pulled them all in anger.  Along with a handful of perfect brown hair, but ya know, ya win some, ya lose some.

But in this case ladies, I'm pretty damn sure I'm fighting the worst losing battle ever.  like. evah.

okay, I'm off to cry, and then schedule an appointment to have my hair dyed.  And then cry again.