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Today is the last and final day of the 12 Days of Peace, Love & Giving Giveaway...

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Today's giveaway item is a GroVia AIO! Mary reviewed this amazing diaper below. And over at, Maria has also reviewed it.

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Here ye, Here ye... I'm here to tell you about the greatest invention in cloth diapering history.  Okay, at least one of the greatest inventions... the all in one diaper.  (and the crowd goes willllldddddd!)

Alright mama's confession time.  Who else loves all in one's, aka the AIO?  I do!  I do!  Throughout of 12 days we have reviewed many different diaper types, and when it comes to AIO it doesn't get much simpler.

{review of} GroVia AIO

The GroVia AIO is a trim yet effectively absorbent AIO diaper with a TPU outer and organic cotton inner and soakers.  The soaker comes attached (sown in) to the diaper structure and includes and extra soaker that snaps in.  Yeah, so you know its a simple diaper when that's all I have to say to explain it.  ;)

The AIO has side snaps, 2 rows of four snaps each.  I have found this diaper to give great range in sizing, fulling the 10-35lb+ range.  This is what GroVia says will fit with each snap variation.  Pretty cool!


{the verdict}

grovia 2I am a big fan of the fit of the GroVia AIO.  I've had some in my stash for quiet some time now.  The side snaps are such a nice change of pace from the more traditional belly snaps.  I find that side snaps give a more trim fit and fit nicely over clothes without any extra or unnecessary bulk.  With my son, I really appreciated it!  I also love the fit of the elastic.  It never wears, or stretches , or gives red marks.  It's that perfect just right again.  And then there is the amazingness of not needing to unstuff, restuff or doing any of that ol' stuff.  

And then the downfalls, which very well might be the pluses for you.  I love the idea of organic cotton against my babies skin, but to be completely honest it just doesn't work for me.  All three of my babies have been very prone to rashes with cloth diapers and something about this fiber really gets us into a yucky situation.  The only thing I can think of is that it doesn't wick away the moisture from her skin after she wets the diaper, like a microfiber does, thus irritating her skin.  Any other moms experienced this with organic cotton's?  I mean, my theory could be totally off base, so don't use me in a science experiment or anything. haha

The other bummer I have noticed with organic inners (again, not just GroVia's) is the smell it produces when baby wets.  I have another mom friend who has experienced the same thing and we again are caulking it up to the mix or the urine with the natural fibers.  Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here peps.  I would love to have no downfalls to this lovely diaper.  I really would love to use it pretty much all the time!


  • side snaps
  • many sizing adjustments
  • fits bigger babies!
  • easy as wash and wear
  • great absorbency
  • cute as all get out!  I mean, come on, did you see this print!
  • fast drying time
  • great elastic and fit

{to consider}

  • organic cotton inner (again, maybe this is a selling point for you, but I've had some troubles with natural fibers)

grovia 3{overall}

If you haven't tried the GroVia AIO then you better change that reeeallll quick now, ya hear!  I always recommend all my new cloth diapering friends to add these to their stash.  Start with one and you will know if it works for you.  But it's made so impeccably, that you really have to give it a try.  Plus Jenna loves it! :)

review scale- 7

review disclosure

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