{what kind of diaper} All-in-Two or Hybrid Diaper

The GroVia Hybrid System, according to GroVia's site, "combines the industry’s most innovative (and cute!) waterproof cloth diaper shells with a super-flexible suite of absorbency layers – including both cloth and disposable options. Finally, parents are free to use earth- and baby-friendly diapering approaches that fit any lifestyle. From travel, to daycare, to time at home, hybrid cloth diapers have you covered."

Below I have reviewed the shell, as I do not have the organic cotton snap-in soakers or the disposable BioSoaker pads. I want to get the awesome bamboo/organic cotton prefold diapers badly!
{the verdict} GroVia Shell

Pictured below is the GroVia Shell in Blackberry and Mandarin. The outside is a TPU (100% waterproof material):


The inside is 100% Polyester Mesh:

Photographed inside the GroVia shell is a cotton prefold (different than the GroVia bamboo/organic cotton prefolds). I just wanted to show what it looks like to have a prefold cloth diaper folded in the shell.

Every time baby pees or poos, you just replace the prefold on the inside and place a new one inside the shell, as long as the shell didn't get soiled with poo.

The GroVia Shell fit my newborn at 5 days old and my 2 year old AT THE SAME TIME!

Here is my no-longer-newborn baby as well as my 2 year old in the same shell:



  • no PUL touching baby
  • crossover snap on the wings (was able to be used at 9 lbs without gaping)
  • easy to wipe off poo or anything that gets on cover
  • one-size (we experienced 9lbs-32lbs)
  • fun colors and prints
  • excellent quality
  • narrow crotch (especially narrower than Flip system)
  • easily and quickly put on baby - NO FUSS and "husband-approved"
  • easy, lightweight system for travel (just bringing a replacement flat or prefold and you're good to go!)

{to consider}

  • bulkier than a pocket diaper due to two-part system
  • prefold or flat can shift around underneath cover, so poo and pee can easily get onto cover and cannot be re-used
  • price ($16.95)
LOVE IT! I wish I had more!