Today I wish I hadn't written all of those times I felt I should write.

Today I wish I had written only when the urge of beauty became too much for my fingers and my soul to hold. That I couldn't help but sit down and scribble everything that I saw and I felt and I witnessed and I knew.

Today I wish I had been more real for every single time I wasn't.

But I can't go back and fix the times that it was forced and that it was contrived.

Today I can only do today. And, right here, right now, I am writing these words because I am incredibly grateful.

I'm grateful for a man who loves me.

I'm grateful for women who inspire me.

I'm grateful for the Erikas, the Lisa-Jo Bakers, the Pattons, the Mary Beths, the Kincaids, the AKs and the Corinnas. I'm grateful for the women who make me want to be better. For the ones who see beauty in its most true form and show it to me. For the ones who give me a peek into their souls so that I can more profoundly find my own. For the ones who just are.

For you, my fellow sisters, you help to ignite me. You help me to see the world as not a contrived and made-up random act of wills, but of a world that is wholly good, wholly beautiful, and wholly real.

Thank you. A million times. For being you.

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