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And here's my response to the question, "Should I hide breastfeeding from my children?"

Hide Breastfeeding

NO!  Definitely not.   Especially not if you want them to grow up to be pro-breastfeeding!   Breastfeeding is a totally normal, natural way of feeding out children and there is nothing shameful in it.  My youngest baby came when my oldest boys were 6 and 9.  I worried that maybe I should be a little more discrete in nursing them but practicality won over.  If baby popped off the breast to give her big brother a milky smile how could that possibly be a bad thing?  For a nursing mother, the breast is a functional body part, just like a foot or an ear.   And that is how our family naturally interprets it.  It is a wonderful way for our kids to see motherhood in such a pure form. We are created for it and our bodies are created to ensure this little baby’s survival.  It is beautiful!

As far as our little ladies are concerned - they should see what they have to potential to do with this magnificent body of theirs!  It gives honor and glory to God’s creation to show them how His miracle of life extends from the womb into everyday life in the most basic form of care – feeding.   He created us to DO this.  It still overwhelms me.  Their questions are also important – Does it hurt?  How does it work?  Where does all that milk come from?

My son, now 11, is continuing to learn about the female form.  It is awesome that from the time he was 3 he saw the female forms as functionally different from the male form - not sexually different but rather created for a different and beautiful purpose.   I am sure someday he will become mildly obsessed with boobs, but I am hopeful he will always retain that respect for what our bodies were designed to DO, and not just how they look.

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