Some packages you just can't wait to open. Some packages you receive, and they are put together with such care and concern that you savor the opening process. You realize that this is a Mama who put this together with attention and love.

Sometimes you want to be that Mama's best friend. Because you can tell that she is an incredibly talented, unique and special individual.

That's how I felt when I received a gift set from Christina, The Hippy Homemaker.

I had gotten home late from one of my first days at work, and I walked in to find a box, just for me! *Enter squeal here.*

You know how it is when you get mail. You know.

And when I opened the box, I couldn't wait until morning to take the photos because I literally looked at the packaging in awe. Forgive my dimly lit photos, it was literally eight o'clock at night.

The Hippy Homemaker ReviewI was shocked at the time she had put into making this special box of treats just for me. This is how she wraps up all of her items for her customers, and it makes me want to buy from her. Again and again and again.

Onto the goodies.

She sent over {cloth diaper safe} Baby Butt Balm, Bohemi Mama's Boobie Balm, Oatmeal Bath and Take a Chill Pill Spray.


This stuff was awesome. I put disposable diapers on Lucia at night because I have never had a good experience with cloth diapering during the night. (I wish I was able to cloth diaper in the night, but we just don't work like that I guess!) So I lathered her up with the Butt Balm so that she would stay rash free. (PS - this stuff is cloth diaper safe too!!)

My second daughter, Siena, has eczema on and around her knees and elbows. I lathered this stuff on her after baths and whenever it seemed to look more inflamed, and I loved it so much. The lavender was soothing and gentle, and it didn't ever feel greasy or sticky. It was just the right consistency.

I also LOVE products that are safe enough for toddlers to eat. I don't know about you, but ANYTHING my 2 year old sees me use, she thinks should be perfect for her mouth. I don't get it. But hey, if this happens to go in your mouth, then it's okay. It doesn't have nasty chemicals and its all natural ingredients are so perfect for a multitude of skin issues. Check out all of the things this salve was formulated to help with.


The Boobie Balm was similar to The Hippy Homemaker's Butt Balm. I used it on my nipples when I first started pumping at work (go figure, I get sores from pumping and never have from nursing). I love the smell of this salve, and again, I love that it isn't too greasy and yet not sticky either. I also used this when in a pinch for my daughter's chapped lips or dry skin.


This I also LOVED. The Soothing Oatmeal Bath is something I had never heard of or even thought to use. Christina at The Hippy Homemaker has sold me on this amazing product. She states, "Diaper rashes, eczema, and chicken pox can all be soothed with this calming oatmeal bath. The addition of lavender and chamomile essential oils also helps to gently heal the skin and kill any bacteria, viruses, or yeast that might be causing the symptoms to arise."

Remember my daughter? The one with eczema? Yeah, this was basically made for her. I used this on both of my younger daughters and absolutely loved it. I loved bathing both of them with the bath salts, and dread when I will run out because I want to bathe them with it as much as possible! And, honestly, I had no idea all of the wonderful properties of such a wonderful product. I'm thankful I had my eyes open to the Soothing Oatmeal Bath.


Yes, I saved the best for last. Not really, I kind of like them all best. But as an avid perfume-hater (on myself) (well, and others if you're sitting too close to me at church), I was kind of obsessed with this stuff. Take a Chill Pill Spray is a Natural Body and Room Spray. Every time I was ever going anywhere and needed to feel fancy (because, let's be honest, we moms need to feel fancy), I would spray Take a Chill Pill Spray. I felt like the smell was absolutely perfect and DID work its magic in making me feel wonderful and calm.

Christina of The Hippy Homemaker basically has me nailed down, "Aromatherapy can help to enhance your mood and de-stress your life. Just spritz around you and the room and take a deep breath. Remind yourself to breathe in the moment."

Yes, this moment.

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