Holiday Gift Guide - Men & Stocking Stuffers {Guest Post}

For the men on your list:


1. For your cool little brother. Or your husband. We bought a kid's pair of these on super sale at Brickyard Buffalo for Emmett this Summer, and I can't wait till he grows into them!

Handmade wooden sunglasses from Tumbleweeds Handcraft $85

2. Ray has the Clark's version of these boots, and we'll be replacing them soon with a cheaper pair of these from Target.

Merona Estes Boot from Target $40

3. For the whiskey/scotch/bourbon/sweet tea drinker in your life. These are amazing.

Jumbo Ice Round Molds $9.99

4. Also this.

Glass Whiskey Bottle with Monogrammed Wooden Stopper  $23

5. The ultimate Dad gift, with a twist.

Knit Wool Skinny Tie $15

6. For the real man on your list.

Tea Tree Beard Oil $25

7. This watch is so awesome I might buy one for my husband and then steal it.

Arvo Watch (On sale at Brickyard Buffalo!) $41

8. Every man wants a phone charger that fits in his wallet.

USB Charge Card $25

9. For the wanna-be handy-man (or woman).

The Art of Fixing Things, principles of machines, and how to repair them $11.66

10. For the Ron Swanson on your list.

English Hunting Flask $55

Stocking stuffers: Adults


1. These were on my gift list last year. My mom got them for Ray and I and I've used them every time we travel. They're great for keeping smaller items separated in your luggage, and keep your suitcase super organized!

eBags Small Packing Cubes $19.99 for a 3 piece set

2. These were also on last year's gift guide. I bought a few and put them in everyone's stockings. We've used ours a hundred ways (best use yet- baby-proofing our cabinets!), and they're cheap so get some for everyone!

Quirky Bandits Rubber Bands with Hooks $6.99 for a pack of 10

3. For the boy (or girl!) scout in your life.

Stormproof Matches $12

4. For the stylish homeowner/ Christmas party hostess.

Wishbone Bottle Opener $14

5. For your little sister/niece/girlfriend/coworker/self.

Ryan Gosling Coloring Book $13

6. For your dearest cheese lover.

Gold Cheese Knives Set $23

7. For the fashionable single gal on your list.

Glitter Bow Shoe Clips $20

8. For your annoying little brother / Secret Santa at work.

Coal Soap $4.99

9. These little "jam jars" are so great. Small, portable, and they connect via blue tooth.

JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker $32

10. For every man on your list.

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener $9

Stocking Stuffers for kids:


1. & 2. Airplane and dumptruck shaped crayons from CrayonCraft Etsy shop $7 and $13

3. The sweetest baby and toddler headbands from Little Hip Squeaks $10

4. Little ballerinas and teenagers alike will love this one.

Conair Perfect Bun Maker $7.65

5. Every little boy needs a portable road playset!

My First Autobahn Road Tape with Toy Car $19.99

6. For all those kiddos who won't have a real white Christmas.

Instant Snow $2.99

7. Sarah Boynton's books are some of our favorites. These are great for babies and toddlers!

Boynton's Greatest Hits Board Book Set $16.55

8. These are so fun for bedtime, bath time in the dark, playing under home-made tents, etc.

Glow Stick Bracelets (Tube of 100) $9

9. Perfect for kids, annoying for parents. But it's Christmas, so they won't mind. ;)

Wooden Musical Instruments $17.67

10. This site has so many cool temporary tattoos for kids (and adults)!

Tattly Temporary Tattoos $5

Check out Anna Kate's gift guides for the ladies and kids on your list here, and you can find last year's gift guide here on her blog Home Away from Home.