If I Could Cloth Diaper All Over Again... {Jenna}

I'm loving the linky that Padded Tush Stats has set up for this week - it's all about "If I Could Cloth Diaper All Over Again..."

They had extended the idea to us to link-up with them, so Mary and I will both be sharing our "If I Could Cloth Diaper All Over Again..." posts --- here's hers!

if i could cd all over again

I decided that if I could cloth diaper all over again, I would want it to be the EASIEST thing that it could be. Forget the fuss, forget the extras - this is going to be S-I-M-P-L-E!

While you've heard me profess my love of Flats in my Just Tell Me What Cloth Diapers to Buy! post, and you've also heard me proclaim my Preference for Prefolds... I have a confession - what's even EASIER than a flat/prefold + a cover combo is an All-in-One.

I mean, there is nothing more simple than that. It is literally just like a disposable. Here are the qualifications I think make up a {nearly} perfect cloth diaper:

  • It goes on and off baby with some super-easy aplix (velcro) tabs. (easy-peasy!)
  • The absorbency and the waterproofing are all sewn together. (so simple!)
  • It is fast drying. (who wants to run the dryer THREE TIMES for a diaper to dry??)
  • It has cute prints and colors. (that's why some people cloth diaper in the first place!)
  • It is one-size-fits-all. (A diaper that fits my 6 week old AND my 2.5 year old?!)

I mean that diaper that I just explained? Sounds even BETTER than a disposable to me - you don't have to buy different sizes! You don't have to BUY anything after the first big purchase!!

So, does this diaper exist?!

freetime Collage

The bumGenius Freetime, it seems, cannot be beat. Check out Mary's review of them here.

If I did it ALL OVER AGAIN, I would purchase 24 of these babies. Yup, I would simplify my stash, attempt to keep my head down when passing the adorable different cloth diapers that are coming out all of the time, and use these suckers for all their worth. I could even leave this diaper for babysitters, for grandparents, for daycares, for reluctant Dad!

That would be $19.95 x 24 diapers = 478.80. I would find the sales like crazy or purchase used and build my stash of these diapers in a smart way. You can even buy these diapers at Buy Buy Baby with the 20% or $5 off coupons!

What do you think?! Do you like Freetimes?

If I could cloth diaper all over again

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