One of our all-time favorite online stores, Kissed by the Moon, is sponsoring an awesome giveaway product for A Newborn Collective Giveaway (in less than a week!!). So I had the opportunity to review Jellystone Designs, courtesy of Kissed by the Moon!

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Jellystone Designs is a fun, unique company based out of the land down under, aka Australia.  Their products are made for both mom, baby, child, teen, you name it!  They are an all-around universal company.  Check out their awesome Jchews for little teethers too.  So awesome!  And, as an added bonus to the cute, amazing designs - they are natural, safe items for babies to play with and put in their mouths.

Jellystone Designs jewelry is free from BPA, Phthalates and PVC with a fabulous soft-feel and texture. Our practical jewelry products are suitable for modern women with (or without) children. The necklace range includes BPA-free large, chunky pendants and necklaces secured with practical break-away clasps. Our custom-designed clasps separate easily when tugged or snagged. These silicone jewelry pieces not only look great, but also are a non-toxic alternative to regular costume jewelry.

{the verdict} Jellystone Necklace

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I received the Jellystone necklace in black, a great versatile color to pair with all my every-day outfits!  The moment I put it on, I was surprised by how lightweight and comfortable it was.  My 9-month-old immediately took the necklace beads to her mouth, and I was thrilled knowing that unlike other necklaces I may wear, this one was SAFE for her to be nibbling on!

We had a great friend over, Kellie, who blogs over at Lady Soper, with her son who absolutely LOVED the necklace also!


  • Easy to wear, lightweight feel
  • FDA approved silicon that will not support the growth of mold or bacteria
  • When baby puts in his/her mouth it is orderless and tasteless
  • BPA, Phthalates and PVC free
  • Fun, unique designs
  • Breakaway clasp

{to consider}

  • Only carry bright colors, so may not suit all aesthetics
  • Not suitable to leave baby alone with (look into Jchews or Bangles for that)


Jellystone Necklaces are a great fashion accessory that can double as both a nursing necklace and a teething necklace for us moms looking for more bang for our buck.  I loved the lightweight feel and how easy it was to entertain my babe with!  It might be a toss up between this necklace and some of the others I have tried.  Most features seem to be the same, so it might just come down to what look you desire and what price you are looking for.  And of course the MOST important question - which one your baby loves to play with and teeth on the most!

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