It was one of *those* days.

You know the ones.

Baby won't sleep, I've rocked and I've swaddled and I've pacified and I've nursed and I've changed and I've bathed and I've done all.the.right.things. But to no avail.

The toddlers are exhausted because they keep waking each other up at 5 in the morning and then giggle with each other during "nap"time.

Yeah, that kind of day.

It was 4pm... sooo very far from 5:30pm when my hubby will walk through the door and yet such a huge reminder of the longest day ever, where Baby Girl took five 30 minute naps.

I tell the older girls, "Let's go outside."

Off we go, grabbing our boots and our Toms and our sweaters and the Boba 3G carrier.

Even though Lucia was close up against me crying and unhappy but semi-warm, I was still chilly. I breathed relief as I picked up the Kowalli baby carrier cover.

If I didn't have you, Mr. Kowalli, I would be trapped inside the house while doing the Babywearing Rock, trying to get this babe asleep.

I was grateful. I'll be warm, she'll be warm, and we can be outside with the girls.

I can breathe fresh air. Sometimes that's all I need. Fresh air.

I asked my almost 4 year old, Lia to take some photos of Lucia and me wearing the Onyx and Black Kowalli over the Boba 3G.

Don't let my bright smile fool you - my 2 year old's inside out pajama pants (yes, pajamas STILL at 4 in the afternoon) are a better representation of the kind of day we were having at our casa.

Kowalli - A Mama CollectiveIt is just now (finally!!) getting cold in Arizona, so I am so grateful to have the Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover to bundle me AND the little babe and give us warmth. No matter if we're wearing the Comfy Joey ring sling or the Boba 3G, this cover works with any baby carrier.

The fabric is a super soft fleece-y material and kept us really snug and warm. It is super easy to get on and off - it took me one try and now I'm a Certified Pro ;) There is an elastic cinch on the bottom of the cover to cinch in the warmth as well as near the top where baby's head is.

Kowalli ReviewI had the top pulled all the way up to cover her head as much as possible instead of folding it down. She was so snug and sweet in there, and I loved the extra coverage on her head.

Once she fell asleep, it was so easy to get off and lay her down on my bed so she could get a few more zzz's in. The Kowalli was so easy to put on while I had a screaming baby in my face, kept us SO warm and cozy so I could be outside with my girls, and was incredibly simple to take off without waking my babe. I am so grateful for this carrier - it gave me the gift of sanity and life if nothing else.

These are the moments I got to experience:

the sky

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetAnd those moments, you can't take them back.

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