I often feel like my relationship with cloth diapering is a roller coaster.  I'm in love one moment and another I'm begrudgeingly  doing 3 rinses, 2 washes and a day long soak just to get rid of whatever is causing my baby's rash.  Don't get me wrong, I always love cloth diapers, but I don't always feel in love with cloth diapers.  It's kinda like marriage ;) jk!

Just before I received my Lalabye Baby diaper from Dream Diapers, I was in a lull.  Just kinda blah about it all.  I had just fought a rash, and was still waiting to see if I had indeed won as I hoped I had.  And then I saw it, with it's perfect gray base and it's fun, bright snaps.  And my lull was lifted!  Sometimes, that's all it takes. :)

lalabye baby 1

{review of} Lalabye Baby 2.0 OS Diaper from Dream Diapers

Deanna, the owner of Dream Diapers has invested her time, energy and heart into creating great customer service and a knowledge about the products she sells.  The online store sells everything and more you may need to cloth diaper, even the fun and elusive Stash Dash.  Stash Dash is like mystery fluff and she promises to always include a cloth diaper plus some great accessories.  What a fun way to creatively add to your stash and have the opportunity to try something new!  Check out their Facebook page for clues on each month's Stash Dash. (And right now you can get free shipping on any orders over $45!)

Back to my moment of joy with the Lalabye Baby 2.0... It's a OS Pocket diaper which typically I find to be the most used in my stash.  I have small babes, so being able to adjust the rise and fit with each wear is a huge plus to me.  I don't always love to stuff pockets, but heck, when you're in love, you do crazy things.

{the verdict}

lalabye 4

Pictured above is the Lalabye Baby 2.0 in Three Blind Mice (isn't that the cutest name).  The outside is a PUL (100% waterproof material) with an inside of suede-cloth.  I love the advantages of suede-cloth over micro-fleece.  It still wicks away moisture so baby doesn't feel wet, but with suede-cloth you get the added bonuses of it not staining as easily, and still looking "new" after many, many uses and washes.

The Lalabye comes with 2 bamboo inserts, which are one of the newest cloth diapering fabrics on the market.  I had yet to try a bamboo insert and I was happily impressed.  Bamboo is not only eco-friendly, but also is known for its great absorbency and anti-bactierial properties.  Did I mention I battle rashes a lot?  So the anti-bacterial thing is a God-send!  These inserts can be used like a pocket, or like an AI2 with the ability to snap and lay on top of the suede-cloth.  Bamboo is a natural fiber and so some mamas may prefear that over the suede-cloth against babies skin.

lalabye baby 2

When you're ready to wash this diaper, you're in for a treat.  It has both a front and back pocket, meaning it will agitate out in the wash and you don't have to touch all that isshhh all over again.  Okay, I use *treat* loosely, but it's still great!

And if you remember my post on my dream diaper stash, the cute factor is always on my radar.  As you can see below, the belly snaps come in rainbow colors.  Lalabye says this is for ease of use for dads, grandparents and care-givers... but I think it's also so us moms can squeal over cute designs!  (I know I did!)  Unfortunately, I still need to snap the belly snaps to the middle on my itty-bitty girl, thus losing the look of the rainbow color snaps, but soon, I will get to enjoy them.

lalabye 3


  • Great customer service at Dream Diapers!
  • The Bamboo Inserts (anti-bactieral, natural fiber and absorbent!)
  • Front and Back pocket for easy stuffing and easy washing
  • Can be used as either an pocket or an AI2 (don't we mamas love choices!)
  • Fun rainbow belly snaps
  • Great colors and patterns
  • Suede-cloth inner
  • One-size
  • Great fit on both legs and back/tummy preventing leaks

{to consider}

  • PUL touches baby on the belly- designed this way to prevent leaks, but if you prefer the PUL to not touch baby, this may matter to you.
  • Bamboo inserts do fray at edges when washed
  • Inserts take longer to dry
  • Wider fit


review scale- 7

I would highly recommend both Dream Diapers and the Lalabye Baby 2.0 diaper.  What a great combo to get to work with.  I am so grateful that they both contributed to bringing me back into my cloth diaper obsession.  It's a good place to be!

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