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Yesterday I was hit with the ugly "comparison" bug. I hate him. I hate what he does to my heart and my soul. I hate that he tries to take everything good and make it seem like the most trivial and unnecessary thing. I hate it. I hate him. I hate that the Evil One does this to me and to you my friends and to those who are doing the very best that they could ever do.

And I totally let him. Yesterday. I was down and out. But I now cannot let myself be boggled down by my letting him.

Today is different. Today is new and today is mine and today I rest in the Lord. I rest in the comforting arms of a Father who tells me unceasingly "You are different. You are not like the others. You are special."

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Do I have a hard time believing this? Yes. But it is the exact same thing I tell my three incredibly beautiful, different and special daughters. That they are special. That they are unique. That they have a voice that is all their own. That they are worthy of the greatest love ever. That they are smart. That I want to kiss them and love them all the days, every day.

And that is just a fraction of the Father's love for us. I say with fervor and with tenacity, Get away from me, Satan, with your judging eyes and your harsh words that break my spirit. Get away from me with your thoughts that crawl into my head and tell me that I'm not special or smart or generous or loving or good.

I am good. Because I came from the Father of goodness. He has me here for a purpose. And I'm not going to let Satan steal my purpose from me. I am made too damn good for that.

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