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Today's Lookbook post is courtesy of eShatki, an online women's clothing shop with a wide variety of styles and pieces to fit any wardrobe.  They also cater to a great deal of us average woman, ranging in sizes from 0-36W.  When they offered to send a dress to have featured here in our Lookbook series, I got lost for days in the wide variety of styles and silhouettes they have.  I had a special event in mind, a wedding for a dear friend that was held in an outdoor garden area.  I knew this floral print was the one from the moment I laid eyes on it.

One of the great features that eShatki offers is customization to your shirt, dress, skirt or really whatever great piece you find on there.  I always have trouble with typical size charts because my body is not, well, lets just say symmetrical like those size charts want us to be.  This means, you can add some length to the hem if you need, add some sleeves (yay modesty!) or even add in a special note for something else to be changed to the typical pattern.  Glorious, right!?  And... drum roll please... it has POCKETS!  That's right ladies, pockets!  In fact, most of their items do.  Which is a dream come true to me!

Being this was my first time ever receiving anything from eShatki, I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened up the package.   Overall, I love this dress.  However, I do have to say, it doesn't look impeccably made to the up-close eye.  Call me a sucker for the details, but I was surprised at how the cutout bunched and then pulled in other areas.  And well, let's just put it out there, my bust size is dainty, so it didn't exactly fill out the dress, but still I wanna see the fabric lie flat... ya know?  And then the seam in the back, along the gathered area, it just seemed messy looking to me.  I wanted to put a belt with it to cover it, but it totally ruined the silhouette, so here we are.

With all of that said, here is the thing.  The most important of all things.  Well not really.  But anyways.  I got so many gosh darn compliments on this dress the night we attended the wedding.  Woozzzer, did I feel good!  Not only did I feel like I stood out in a crowd of other gorgeous, dolled up woman, but I felt classy and stylish.  Two things that really make me smile.  And you can't beat that!

Head on over to eShatki and pick out a fabulous piece for yourself.  I'm sure you'll be flooded with compliments too.  'Cause you're gorgeous, Mama!  Ohh and don't forget to use our special coupon code "amamaes" to save 10% off your order from 6/18/14 - 7/18/14.

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