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It's not often that I find a company whose vision brings tears to my eyes.  Watch this video and I promise you, you'll know why.  {fair warning :: grab your tissues}

It's easy to feel hopeless about global poverty, not knowing how to make an impact on the lives of those in countries far, far away from our day to day lives.  And then you hear about a company like Noonday Collection and you begin to feel empowered, ready to move into action.  Humanitarian causes have always been close to my heart.  And so came the tears at the movement of Noonday and their artisans.


With fair trade principles and beliefs in every man and woman's right to work, Noonday Collection employees over 2,000 Artisans from across the globe.  "At Noonday Collection, the artisans aren't just at the heart of our company, they ARE the company" says Jessica Honegger, founder and co-owner.  Not only do they receive a fair and competitive wage for their skilled work, but they are also offered a unique and life-altering opportunity to change their families' path out of a life of poverty. The extra income from Fair Trade guidelines enables Artisans to put their children in school, buy chickens, or even expand their own business so they can employ their local community. Isn't that just amazing?!

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The Artisans' talent is unparalleled.  Take one look in the new Spring/Summer 2014 catalog and you are sure to feel the same.  When I first looked through, I was not only left speechless by the breathtaking pieces, the perfect styling and the gorgoues photography, but was overwhelmed by the task of narrowing down my list of favorites.  I could easily say I would wear each and every one of the pieces and accessories in this catalog.  And to add a cherry to an already delicious sundae, by buying from Noonday, you "provide economic opportunity to the vulnerable."  Meaning, when you buy a unique, amazing piece from Noonday Collection, you are aiding in providing artisans in low-income countries a chance at a dignified and rich life.  What is more beautiful than that?

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Jenna and I had the pleasure of connecting with two Noonday Ambassadors, Megan and McCall.  Ambassadors work to spread the work of the Artisans and make the collection more accessible to people like you and me.

Megan knew Noonday from its start, but became an Ambassador after moving to a new city and realizing few people "knew they could change the world by using their purchasing power for good."  McCall on the other hand, jumped in sight unseen.  "Call me a risk-taker" she says, explaining, "I've always been a firm believer in the notion that it's better to teach a man to fish than to simply give a man a fish."

Each of these woman and hundreds of others have seen some amazing things along their journey.  Both have been a part of bringing home a child through the power of adoption; in McCall's case, a young girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo is awaiting joining her forever family.  Megan has met Artisan Jalia, the head Artisan in Uganda, and shares her transformation out of poverty and the influence this has had on her life.  The stories that both Megan and McCall share are incredible, and they are both tied into the joy of knowing their life is touching another: a life like Jalia's or even a neighbor who now understands how to use her "purchasing power for good."  It's these lessons, this mission, that make our world a better place!

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Oh, how I love being an ambassador. I've watched friends cry over the tales of redemption of our artisans. I've seen women stay late and chat about things like fair trade and modern day slavery. And I've witnessed my daughter, who is always watching and listening, say no to an item she wanted simply because it was made by standards that she found to be less than impressive.  - McCall :: Noonday Ambassador

The reach of Noonday Collection is so wide.  As buyers of Noonday Collection pieces, we get to dress in style all while having a global reach and a say in bettering our world.  And that is something I can be proud to support!  Join us in using our "purchasing power for good!"  

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Necklace: Shine on Necklace // Shirt: Gap // Jeans: H &M (old) // Jacket: TJ Maxx

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Noonday Collection

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Necklace: Bling Collar Necklace // Shirt: Chloe via Nordstrom Rack // Jeans: Banana Republic // Boots: Clarks (last season)

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