Five of My Favorite Things

I don't know about you mamas, but “favorites” in our house are ever changing. We have toys that really entertain the kids one week and the next week doesn’t even get touched. But there are some things that both the kids and I love all the time. Any season, any mood, any situation. Here is my universal list of five things I love as a mom.


I mean, who doesn’t love Sophie?? Who knows what it is about her - but she entertains my almost 8 month old for at least 20 minutes! That’s like hours in an infant’s world. I think she loves that she can really grip her and practice bringing her to her mouth, exploring many of her senses. She really lights up when you bring it over to her. And now that she is on the verge of crawling, because I know she loves it, I use it to lure her. I didn't have a “Sophie” with my older kids, so I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. All I can say is now I’m a believer!

Last year I asked my husband for this special necklace as a gift. I chose silver because it matches the finish of my wedding rings. I have a charm with each child’s initials. The pearl and gemstone give it a fashionable and beautiful finish, making it versatile with many outfits. When I wear it, I feel as if I am taking them with me even when I cannot physically be with them. This item really brings me joy!

When I got pregnant with my third, one of my first thoughts was, “How are we going to afford a new car?” After much research, I found the Radian car seats. With a 17in width, the Radian boasts that it can fit 3 convertible car seats in a mid-size vehicle. It’s amazing!! Yes, it’s a pricey seat… but less pricey than that new minivan I was picturing. We traded our 2 HUGE convertible car seats in for a Radian RTX and a Radian R120 (both used, but not expired). Both are the same base width. My 2 year old and my 3.5 year old are forward facing and my baby is in an infant car seat with adjoining base, rear facing. Its snug, but it works! Not to mention, the Radian car seats are HIGHLY rated in safety standards! They have been NCAP crash tested, the industries benchmark for measuring child seat performance in severe accidents and are the ONLY car seat rated for LATCH use with a child up to 80lbs. A baby can travel forward facing from 5-45lbs and rear facing from 20-80lbs. It even transitions to a booster for children up to 120lbs. A lot of versatility, great safety features and most importantly to us, a great fit!

At each of my children's births, we have been gifted these soft, cozy blankets by my sweet cousin. My older children are obsessed with theirs!! They will not sleep without them and have worked as a great transitional item. My infant currently uses hers as a soft version of a play-mat; to play with her Sophie and practice her rolling and crawling skills. :) Did I mention that they are soft? I wish I had one in my size, they feel so soft and silky on the skin. They even wash well! And with their name embroidered on, it adds a nice keepsake touch!

My 3.5 year old and 2 year old are two-peas-in-a-pod! They love to interact and play together. Their imaginations have really flourished in the past 6 months and the built in partner-in-play they have within each other really makes it all the more fun! We were gifted this fun “cottage” style play-house for my daughter's birthday, and it is a source of hours and hours of make-believe, interactive play for them. And I know we all love to see our kids out, using their imaginations rather than begging for another episode of their favorite show. This does the trick for us. And it’s even big enough for Mom and Dad to join on in the fun! Doesn’t hurt that it’s stinkin’ cute either!!

What are some of your favorite things?