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Memories of Corelle

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As a child I remember my aunt always made elaborate feasts she’d serve on Corelle dishes. Anytime I see that green daisy pattern, I find myself smiling. I have always equated good food with love. If someone loves you, they cook for you.

My aunt’s house always smelled of warm-brothy soups. The greatest compliment you could pay her was by serving yourself a second helping of whatever it was she cooked that day. So when I serve my family a meal from these retro daisy pattern dishes I do so with hope.

I have Hope that they can taste the love that I felt as I made this particular dish.

I have Hope that the memory of said dish makes them yearn to visit their mom in old age.

I have Hope that I am half the mother my aunt is.

Life is AMAZING. I often watch my children, nieces and nephews. I wonder … what do they see? How do they interpret it? Children are always watching, analyzing and developing MEMORIES. Some memories fade over time. Other memories can come back in an instant. A familiar song, a particular scent, the feel of an old blanket or the sight of an old Corelle dish can transport you to another time. It is virtually impossible to change the imprint of a memory. As a child I decided that I would be like my aunt, in that my family would know I loved them through food.

Every meal is another opportunity for success! Somehow as if by way of magical powers, these beautiful nostalgic bowls, that house, so many beautiful memories through the eyes of my childhood… just can’t fail me.