This blogging thing is a little backwards sometimes. Even before I'm asking myself the whys of my reasons for doing this, I often get lost in the never-ending obligations of what I am supposed to be doing. My questions aren't Is this fulfilling some sort of innate desire inside of me? To write? To photograph? but my questions are more What post was supposed to go live today? Who can I link it up with? What if I don't have the post done on time and then I don't get a chance to link it up and then no one will see it and this will all be for naught? What if no one sees what I have to say?

get a grip, wouldya?


I need to ask myself the real questions. Why?

Sometimes this is how I feel about motherhood as well.

Instead of us seeing the bigger picture, the fact that we are raising tiny humans who are special and unique and sacred, sometimes we just see the crap. We sit in the dung heap and we bitch and moan and complain about being in that dung heap (I mean, how many times have you guys read me sitting in that heap?! Too many, some may say).

Oftentimes we don't sit and back and ask What is great about today? What is my goal in all of this? What is it that I'm trying to accomplish?, most times it's more us sitting back and looking at our obligations -- dishes, laundry (God, the laundry!), mopping, sweeping, wiping, wiping, wiping, feeding, making, doing doing doing doing -- and we don't realize the greater good. We never see the greater good because we are stuck in the obligation of it all.

We are doing great work, my friend. The work we're doing and the obligations we have all stem from one source:: we are incredible mothers and amazing wives who are selfless and loving to our families. No matter if your work today was crap or you didn't finish doing the million to-dos on your list, here's the big picture: You are accomplishing motherhood.

Kudos to you, today and every day, for pulling up your boot straps and livin' this life. It's not for the faint of heart. It's not easy to raise tiny humans. It's not easy to be a million things at once. It's hard most days to do the obligatory work. But once we see the bigger picture and know our place in all of this, the obligations fall to the wayside and we know what is truly important.

We are Mother, hear us roar.

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