Who here knows Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry?

Wait, I think the more appropriate question is, who here DOESN'T know Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry?

If you don't know Kim, you're in a stoned-up cave on a hill that gets no rays of sunshine ever EVER.

She is the reason that we have cloth diaper reviews all over YouTube. She has been doing cloth diaper vids for a LONG time. And I'm talking about quality reviews, not just an iPad and some kids screaming in the room (eh uhm, that would be me).

Anyway, I have to give Kim so much credit because of how she has revolutionized cloth diaper videos as well as cloth diapering blogs - and I appreciate the amount of effort and work she has put into it (especially after these past 8 months where I'm just now realizing how intense blogging is).

Kim  did a video and post at the beginning of this week to kick off her Everything But Cloth Diapers event. And who has a cameo in that video but Yours Truly?!?! She asked a few of us cloth diapering bloggers to share what our favorite cloth diaper accessory is since the event is about "everything but cloth diapers." DUH ;)

In my cameo, I discuss my love for GroVia Bioliners. Let me tell you, I love those babies. I don't know what I would do without them. We no longer have a diaper sprayer on our toilet because --- wait, I really can't remember why it's no longer on my toilet. Probably something having to do with toddlers destroying your house with the diaper sprayer or a husband who decides to randomly take things apart and throw them away. Who knows?!

Back to GroVia Bioliners.


Right after I dry my dipes in the dryer, I take everything out and stuff all my pockets, fold all my flats, put together my fitteds, and line my Bioliners in every single diaper. These are flushable liners that keep solids contained while allowing moisture to pass through. Basically, baby poos and you can then just strip the flushable liner off of the diaper and flush it away, all the while saving your diaper from having poop on it AND not having to worry about spraying or dunking poo off of the diaper.

When baby's poos are more soft, sometimes poo will not just stay plopped on the liner, but get into the gussets or up the back part of the liner - so that does require some extra clean-up. But way more often than not, I can just peel the liner off of the diaper and not have the extra mess.

Love. them.

Check out Kim's video as well as the other cloth diapering bloggers that made cameos as well!

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