My Husband Doesn't Love Cloth Diapers, But He Loves Me

cloth-diapers2 Mike has learned to deal with me and my obsession with cloth diapers. And when I say "deal with me," I really mean learn to pretend to look at me when I'm talking (andtalkingandtalkingandtalkingandtalking) about cloth diapers.

I have been engrossed even more so lately by newborn cloth diapers, like I talked about in my Newborn Cloth Diapering Overview. I mean, they're the cutest things EVER! I also wrote about some of the adorable dipes I got from Kissed by the Moon (who I actually dreamt about last night - I know, dreaming about cloth diaper retailers?!!?).

I literally cannot wait to get my newest babe in some of the sweetest, cuddl-iest, girliest, cutest diapers in the whole world.

And my husband [literally] couldn't care less. But. I do SO much appreciate his succumbing to my begging and pleading at times to buy the diaper that I've been longing for my whole life. Ha - oh wait, that's every diaper, ever.

He [pretends] to listen when I talk cloth diapers, and I lovingly [pretend] to listen when he discusses the Dallas Cowboys.

I mean, it's all about give and take, right?!

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