I have recently been thinking more and more about newborns and cloth diapers (great combo, I know, I literally canNOT stop thinking about these two things). And I have lots of friends that are either pregnant or having their babies or have had their babies recently, and would like some questions answered in regards to cloth diapering a newborn. So, I thought I would go back in time to check out our newborn cloth diapers that we used on Siena (mostly not "newborn" size, but hey, we worked it out!).

I never REALLY cloth diapered Siena from birth. She was ten days old when I put her first Fuzzibunz Perfect Size in XS on:

She looked so cute and sweet in this teeny diaper! I loved it. I did have gaping issues in the legs, so we had a couple of leaks now and then. This diaper should fit 4-12lbs, and we probably did have her in it until 12 lbs.

Next up was our very first one-size diaper, which was the Rumparooz OS Pocket Diaper in snaps.

Can you say "cute!!"??? She looked so stinking adorable in this diaper, and it was by far my favorite fit ever, especially coming from a one-size diaper. I absolutely loved it, snaps and all (typically I think Velcro/Aplix/Hook and Loop works better at the newborn stage so you can get the just-right fit, but these snaps worked out great for us). The newborn insert for the Rumparooz is contoured (the newborn insert is on top and the one size insert is on the bottom):

Since the newborn insert is contoured, it allows for the babies legs to not be spread so far apart as they would if you were using the bigger, one-size insert. That is a huge plus and an awesome design idea that Rumparooz used.

The ONLY downside, for me, to the Rumparooz OS Pocket is the pocket opening. The pocket opening is in the back, but it somewhat gapes open, so I found that if I had it on my 2 year old, the microfiber would be touching her skin. That's the only reason that I got rid of this diaper, otherwise, I would have a whole bunch :)

I also did infant sized prefolds with some covers. Below is the infant prefold Snappi'd on  with a Thirties XS Cover and a Softbums Echo OS Shell over it:

This worked well for us, it was just bulky. As I will talk about in the future, this is the way to go (covers and prefolds/flats) if you would like to safe money on diapering. It's the way I would go for next time for sure (I mean, I would HAVE to get some NB AIOs and Pockets too of course ;) ).

I also had seven bumGenius 3.0's (here is the link to the bumGenius 4.0 - the newest version) that were gifted to me that we put on Siena at two weeks old:

This wasn't my all-time favorite like the Rumparooz, but it worked well. I loved the Aplix (velcro) version of these instead of snaps. The fit was a bit better because we had the Aplix. Bulkier than the Rumparooz, and not NEARLY as cute, but hey, it did the job.

Next up was another Fuzzibunz. This time it's the Fuzzibunz Perfect Size in Size Small. We put this on her for the first time at two weeks old.

How stinking cute is this??? I loved these diapers so so so much, they were perfect for her little body. I would definitely want a few of these again.

The last of the photos that I shot of my daughter in diapers was the Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 in Size Medium.

I've definitely already raved about my feelings on the Simplex 2.0, but I cannot say enough how much I love this diaper. It was a great fit on her at seven weeks old, as well as a great fit on my two year old. Loved. this.

So, those were the diapers that we used mainly on my daughter from 10 days old until about seven weeks old, when, at that point, we used ALL of the one-size diapers and sized diapers that we had.

If I could do it all over again? I would do it much differently. Come back for more info!

What did you primarily use on your newborn?

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