My {Very} Favorite Cloth Diaper

You guys! I'm so excited to be a part of the May Cloth Diaper Blog Hop from an extremely informative and great site,

I realize that May is nearly over, but better late than never, right?! I mean, this topic rocks too.
This is a really difficult thing for me to decide. I have loved so many diapers over the past three years, and I have completely different reasons for why. I wrote a post about our cloth diaper evolution here at our house, going through a couple of kiddos in diapers (as well as awaiting the third babe!).

There are diapers that I recommend because of quality/integrity/warranty of the company, there are diapers that I recommend for simplicity, there are diapers I recommend for the non-faint-of-heart, there are diapers I recommend for any different occasion or season. I wrote a post specifically to eliminate this kind of confusion, and narrowed down what diapers I would absolutely recommend, Just Tell Me What Cloth Diapers to Buy.

However, I still wouldn't consider those options as my very favorite cloth diaper.

I honestly think, at this particular moment in time, that if someone was standing with a gun to my head, forcing me to decide what my VERY favorite cloth diaper is - I would have to say the GroVia All-in-One One-Size diaper. I have a whole review on it with pictures as well as video of the diaper in action.

The GroVia AIO is a simple diaper in that there are no pieces I have to mess with before/after washing.

The GroVia AIO is made of organic cotton on the inside (natural fibers, anyone?!).

The GroVia AIO is a narrow diaper in the crotch area, which I LOVE for a little newborn as well as a walking babe.

The GroVia AIO is a super trim diaper that I put on my toddler for when I want her to be tighter-fitting clothes.

The GroVia AIO has some adorable solid colors that are unique and so cute, as well as modern and different looking prints.

GroVia as a company seems to be very much in-tune with integrity and quality, which is a huge bonus, because I love to love a product when I love the company (love, much?!).

What is your very favorite cloth diaper??

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