Newborn Cloth Diapering Overview: Prefolds/Flats/Covers/AIOs

I have been talking about newborn cloth diapers SO SO much lately because I am so excited about them! Wanna know why?! Because I'm due with baby girl #3 at the end of August :)

I'm SO stinking excited - mostly to try all the newborn diapers possible and find a REALLY good excuse to buy more diapers ;)

But in all this chatter about newborn cloth diapers, I wanted to be able to communicate and clarify some of the newborn cloth diaper differences (one-size flats versus sized prefolds, one-size covers versus newborn covers, and one size AIOs/pockets versus newborn AIOs/pockets).

I truly hope that my videos will help people understand the differences in the diapers being sized specifically for newborns.

Part One is all about one-size flat diapers vs newborn sized prefold diapers:

Part Two is all about one-size covers vs newborn sized covers:

Part Three is all about one-size AIOs/Pockets versus newborn AIOs/Pockets:

Here is what I would love in a well-rounded newborn stash:

I hope this helps to clarify newborn cloth diapering for some! Please let me know if you have any questions :)

Have you cloth diapered a newborn? What was your experience?

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