Our featured blogger today is Elle Griffin of ElleGriffin.com. Read all about her awesome experience with FAM below!

1. Introduce yourself. Tell us a little about your family, husband and children.

No kids yet! Hubby and I are enjoying living it up in Marin County, California and being slightly reckless with our FAM! There's no way I can ever fully "make" the decision on if kids are in our future or not so we are letting fate take a more dominant hand here.

2. Where did you first learn about NFP/FAM? Why do you and your husband choose to practice Natural Family Planning /Fertility Awareness Method?

I've been practicing FAM for two years now, and we switched simply for health reasons! Birth control pills can be a complete drag healthwise and leave loads of women stuck with the battle scars of post-pill infertility (myself included!). Now I help other women get off the hormones and onto this beautiful, more natural method of birth control.

3. What type of NFP/FAM are you practicing? How did you choose this type over others? Has this changed at all during your marriage?

We practice FAM because it's super effective and easy to use. Lately we haven't been as regimented with it as we used to be since kids has been on the table lately and I feel very comfortable with my body now. Once you get the hang of it it is really easy to know what is going on with your body and when you are fertile, even if you aren't charting everything super effectively.

We practice FAM because it's super effective and easy to use. <--- Tweet this.

4. Why do you think artificial birth control, like the pill, is the default option for many women who are trying to postpone pregnancy?

Well we really don't know any better! A startling 53% (at least!) of women get on the pill initially for reasons other than pregnancy prevention. Either they have acne, irregular menstrual cycles, or are experiencing problems such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Endometriosis. When they eventually need birth control, they figure they are already on it and just stick with it. Most women (doctors included!) don't even know there is another option!

5. What do you think are the major benefits to using NFP/FAM versus artificial birth control? What are the major cons?

Oh my goodness, there are SO many benefits to FAM. For starters, artificial methods of birth control cause absolute chaos in our bodies. They are known to cause infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, PCOS, and other hormonal imbalances as a result of nutrient deficiencies and chronic malnutrition (birth control pills hinder the body's ability to absorb nutrients). Once you switch though, the benefits are clear. You become intimately connected to your body, your cycle, and even the cycles of the earth. Charting has completely revolutionized my life and I love being able to see the differences in my hormonal makeup week to week. My sex drive is completely revived and my husband and I now enjoy healthy, sexy, baby-free living for so long as we choose!

6. Anything else you think would be important to know for those considering NFP/FAM?
Oh please do it. Don't let fear stop you, there have been loads of studies done on FAM and NFP in the last ten years and both are proven to boast a 98% effectiveness rate at preventing pregnancy (you can even get a 99% effectiveness rating if you work with a coach or are super amazing at charting!). It's the best decision I ever made and that's why I now teach other women how to use FAM! Come take one of my workshops to learn all about it.
I want to thank Elle Griffin so much for sharing this with us! Comment and let us know your thoughts, and don't forget to check out her blog.

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