Our featured blogger today is Lauren from The Median Mommy. Read below about her experience with Natural Family Planning!

1. Introduce yourself. Tell us a little about your family, husband and children.

I'm Lauren, a former Children's Publishing Rep turned SAHM and full-time blogger at The Median Mommy. My husband, Sean, and myself have been married for almost 2 1/2 years and have a son, named Declan, who just turned 1 year old. We share a love of exploring new things, places, and restaurants (Declan included).

2. Where did you first learn about NFP/FAM? Why do you and your husband choose to practice NFP/FAM?

We practice NFP because of my feelings about, and experience with birth control. I've been on birth control two times in my life (for a grand total of a year), mostly to help with PMD, and had adverse reactions to the hormones.

I actually had to be put on an anti-anxiety medication to counterbalance the effects of the birth control! Because I've had a regular cycle my entire life, I'm very in-tune with my body and its natural cycle; this makes it very easy for me to be aware of my fertile and infertile periods, thus timing intercourse accordingly. For me, it's just better to let my body go through its cycles naturally.

For me, it's just better to let my body go through its cycles naturally.

3. What type of NFP/FAM are you practicing? How did you choose this type over others? Has this changed at all during your marriage?

I like to keep things simple, so I simply count the days of my cycle (no charting, temping, or testing cervical mucus). For me that means that cycle days 10-18 are either GO-TIME or NO-TIME ;) 4. Why do you think artificial birth control, like the pill, is the default option for many women who are trying to postpone pregnancy?
I think that people use artificial birth control because it's available and easy. When I was on birth control, I knew that I would forget to take a pill every day (I've been taking prenatals for two years and still have days that I forget), which is why I opted for the shot and the patch. The shot was incredibly easy, I just had to show up in my doctor's office every three months (the two times I was injected), and the patch I just needed to remember to change weekly. With artificial birth control, one really doesn't need to know where she is in her cycle to have unprotected intercourse.

5. What do you think are the major benefits to using NFP/FAM versus artificial birth control? What are the major cons?

In my incredibly unscientific opinion, I feel that women that practice NFP/FAM are more in-tune to their bodies. I actually feel when I ovulate each month, and felt implantation with both of my pregnancies. I've known women, on artificial birth control, that have gone 5 or more years without a menstrual cycle/period - I just don't think that's natural. In my experience, the majority of women that I know, who have been on birth control for many years, had difficulty getting pregnant, or it took a long period of time to actually get pregnant.

I feel that women that practice NFP/FAM are more in-tune to their bodies<--- Tweet this.

6. If you used NFP/FAM to achieve pregnancy, how long did that process take?

With my first pregnancy, it took me a total of 3 cycles to get pregnant. I should add that I also didn't know what to do, as it took me 2 cycles to figure out that I shouldn't start having intercourse on ovulation day (this is what happens when you spend most of your adult life trying not to get pregnant!)! With my last pregnancy, I got pregnant the first cycle that we tried.

I'm so excited to bring you these posts for this week. Since it is NFP Awareness Week, we are featuring a blogger every day, all here to discuss their NFP or FAM use.

NFP = Natural Family Planning

FAM = Fertility Awareness Method


I want to thank Lauren from The Median Mommy so much for sharing this with us! Comment and let us know your thoughts, and don't forget to check out her blog.

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