Now that Lucia is seven weeks old, we are getting into more and more of a rhythm every day. Of course, we have setbacks. There are times where I still wonder what's wrong, Why can she be crying? type moments. But, mostly, we are in a rhythm.

I naturally am drawn to the routine of Eat, Play, Sleep (I originally read about it in Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg), and it seems to really help me read my girls' signs more and more. I appreciate having more of a "What's next?" mentality, especially in times where I don't quite know where in life I am - it's nice to know there is a goal in sight... Once she eats and plays a little, it is back to a nap. And then we do it again.

Thankfully, we have had gradual success with this as a family. Granted, I am MUCH less strict with it than I was with Lia, my firstborn, but we adhere to it when we can. It is also helpful for hubby when I need to run out for errands or somewhere without the baby - he knows what's coming next.

I am blessed in that Lucia and I have a great nursing relationship as well. This has helped me find some sanity in it all - if she just isn't sleeping at all, or if she seems to be incredibly fussy, overtired, etc., I know that I can (attempt) to comfort-nurse her. She has been a great nurser from the beginning - I wrote her birth story here - and I am incredibly appreciative that we have never TRULY struggled with nursing.

Because of our great nursing relationship, I needed some quality products that would help me on my breastfeeding journey. I made a list of Nine Things I {Need} for Baby #3 - and I had a great nursing bra/tank, a beautiful nursing/teething necklace, and some reusable cloth nursing pads as three things that I felt I DEFINITELY needed for our Baby Girl. And I was right. I stand by those three product essentials 100%. (I mean, my Newborn Essentials are the essential essentials, but hey, here are some more essentials! --- Are you essential-ed out??)

So I was blessed to receive all THREE of those great breastfeeding must-haves.

Peepods Nursing Pads Review

I first received six Peepods cloth nursing pads in Espresso. These are made with incredible quality, were super soft next to my skin, and have a moisture barrier fabric sewn in to prevent leaks. They also came with a little laundry bag that I absolutely LOVE - because I could have lost these babies in the wash if I didn't have the nifty bag! Oh yes, did I mention you simply just wash and dry and re-use and that's that? It's always so great to have a product that simply just works. And these do.

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Glamourmom Nursing Tank Review

I also got to try out Glamourmom's nursing tanks! I tried out the Nursing Bra Long Top with Adjustable Chest Band in Black. I wanted to get black, a neutral, because I wanted to wear it underneath other t-shirts and blouses. This top is pretty awesome - it has an adjustable chest band so it essentially grows with you.

You know how when you're nursing, you go through bouts of I'm huge! and then eventually, you go back down to your regular size (or even smaller, for some) - well, this helps combat having to buy different tanks for all of those occasions. I got a Large which is supposed to fit sizes C-DD. That's a pretty wide range, and thanks to the adjustable chest band, it comfortably fits all of those cup sizes. Pretty cool, I tell ya.


The other thing I really love about this nursing top is that it is a BRA! I kind of (and by kind of I mean I REALLY) like this feature. I don't have to put a bra on, then a tank, then a t-shirt and go out and about. I just put on this tank and voila! I can wear this even by itself to go out. It looks like a real top and it gives me the support of a bra. SO GREAT.

Okay, nitty gritty? This thing comes off and on really easily. I realized that I dislike when nursing tanks or nursing bras are a pain to get off and on. I need to quicky nurse my babe! Rip this baby off! and then I'm done nursing my babe! Put my boob away easily!

I mean, that's the reality of my situation. 

Then - THE BEST PART! This tank doesn't pull all of the fabric all the way down - there is a sliver of fabric that stays up, and essentially creates a hole in the tank so baby can nurse easily (check out my photo above!). I like this because it doesn't look like the whole top of my boob is out, so I feel like it is a bit more discreet than other tanks that just pull all the way down (or even v-necks that I wear very often).

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Alphabet Soup Nursing Necklace Review

So, I've talked about nursing pads and nursing tanks. These are essentials (to me) for a nursing relationship. Then comes Alphabet Soup into the equation. This is where I start to feel beautiful.

Isn't that wonderful, when you feel nasty and gross from your breastmilk being all over you and spit up everywhere and just being generally sticky from toddlers - that there is an opportunity to put something on, and then - transformed! - I feel beautiful.

That's what this necklace did for me. I felt special and unique and pretty. It makes me feel like that. And there is nothing more I quite needed in the first months than that. I needed to feel me again, I needed to feel proud and special and normal.

There is nothing more I quite needed in the first months than that. I needed to feel me again. <--- Tweet this.

The owners of this company are two great friends who specialize in hand-made, personalized pacifier clips (called Baby Beads) that can be personalized with your babe's name (in comes the Alphabet part!). Their products have crocheted embellishments and natural wooden beads that I absolutely love on my Busy Beads necklace.

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Again, I'm incredibly grateful to have received these three great products that helped facilitate my nursing relationship with Lucia, as well as help me feel better about myself throughout my postpartum adventure.

I couldn't recommend these more (and we have an awesome giveaway going on for Glamourmom and Peepods going on right now!), and I truly hope that wherever you are in your mothering, marriage, single-life adventure, that you are finding yourself special and pretty and unique every single day.

review disclosureI received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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