One Last Nursing Hurrah with the Bun Maternity Tank {Review}

I sadly just wrapped my nursing experience with my 3rd little babe.  Before the one year mark, but further than I had ever made it with any of my other children.  I shared here about my struggles with low supply and the need to supplement.  Over the past few months, the supplements became larger and larger and my supply dwindled and dwindled.  I’m at peace with it now, and grateful for the time we had.  It was beautiful!

Before my girl weaned, I had the pleasure of giving the Bun Maternity nursing tank a couple good runs.  It was so nice to throw it on, knowing that I didn’t need to worry about how easy my breast was to access, unlike so many of the shirts in my closet.  I mean, have you ever planned an outfit, got somewhere, needed to nurse and then... “oh sh*t, I can’t get to my boob without fully taking off layers of clothing!”  Or is this just something that happens to small breasted peoples, like myself???  Oh and I don’t suggest fully undressing in most public places.  Then people will and do give you strange looks as you disrobe. Okayyy, I digress.  I love that I can wear this and not have to worry.  That’s simply the best way to put it.  You don’t have to worry!  You can breastfeed in peace.

peekabook tank

{review of} Bun Maternity Nursing Tank

The Bun Maternity Nursing Tank is an easy to wear, everyday tank that doesn’t fully expose the breast when nursing.  Simple as that.  And that’s the great part about it, when you are nursing on the go, or any place for that matter, simple is what we need.

bun maternity tank

Bun Maternity is one of those companies that just gets it.  They seem to know just what moms want, what is on our minds, and what we like in a product.  And the cherry on the top, the vision and ethics of the company are above par and something to take note of.  They are eco-friendly in more ways than one, and also focused on bringing jobs back to the US by using fabrics and workers from right here at home.

I don’t know about you, but I wish I knew more about the values of the companies I buy from.  Certainly feels better to support and buy from companies working hard to help the environment and the social fabric of our communities!

{the verdict}

The Bun Maternity tanks comes with three snaps on each shoulder strap.  The straps are your typical 3-4 inches, like most tanks.  Once snapped down, you get an extra layer of fabric that continues to cover the top area of your breast, only exposing the nipple for easy latch and feeding.  Discreet, easy and stylish.

It takes a bit of coordination, or perhaps practice to get good at unsnapping, unlatching a nursing bra (or pulling down a regular bra if you are like me) and then pulling the fabric of the "peek-a-boo" up; all while holding your hungry baby in your other hand.  It sounds like a lot, and sometimes it is, but I’m telling you... it’s easier than my previous scenario of doing all of the above, but without a shirt/tank that doesn’t have easy access.

bun maternity 2


  • The simplicity of just unsnapping and going!
  • The fun patterns (check them out here)
  • The “peek-a-boo” fabric, allowing a more desecrate nursing experience
  • A great company, with USA pride and strong values
  • Looks like a shirt... I know this seem silly, but some nursing tanks look like lingerie or a Cami to me.  This is something you could most definitely wear as an outer shirt, or layer under another shirt/sweater in colder temps.
  • Not too tight, with a bit of stretch and give, flattering your body type.
  • Great length- I have a shorter torso, but I loved the extended length of the tank.

{to consider}

  • the need for coordination/practice at unhooking etc. with one hand
  • If wearing a nursing bra, you’ll have to unhook/unclasp twice


8 on review scale

I really wish my nursing experience with my 3rd babe wasn’t coming to a close, for multiple reasons.  One of them being that I am in love with this nursing tank.  I may just find ways to integrate it into my wardrobe anyways until/if another opportunity to nurse comes along.

Head on over to the Bun Maternity site or look for them in a retailer near you and get one for yourself!  Trust me, you won't regret it.  (And you’ll even put more American’s to work in the process.)

You also have the amazing opportunity to win 2 Bun Maternity tanks in our giveaway.  Enter daily and you might be the lucky one!

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