Ones & Twos AIO Cloth Diaper & Agoo Baby Leg Warmers {Review}

I was so excited to receive a new diaper and coordinating leggings to try out! As most of you already know, I love getting to test and try new diapers! Something you may not know yet, I love, love, love baby leggings! My husband...not such a fan. He doesn't know why I would, "put leg warmers on his son." Jason doesn't change Ted's clothes often. One day after I did some photos with Ted in baseball BabyLegs, he immediately changed Ted into pants before we went to see his friends.

But, I simply adore them! I don't think there is anything cuter than cloth dipes, a onesie and baby leggings!

{review of} Ones & Twos AIO Cloth Diaper

The Company Irresistibly Green sent me a Ones & Twos AIO diaper in green and a pair of coordinating Agoo Bamboo leggings in Dino Ty.


Ones & Twos Modern cloth diapers are designed for "busy parents – a diaper that’s on in seconds, offers exceptional value, and is created with quality environmentally friendly products."

They market their diaper as:

  • so easy to use

  • dry day & night

  • a budget blessing

  • no fuss wash & dry

I told Jason that since this diaper is marketed as "so easy to use" I would need his help in writing the review. My husband has been such a trooper when it comes to cloth diapers! It helps that he doesn't really know any other system of diapering since Ted's diaper is the first one he has ever changed. All he knows is cloth, which to me is such a blessing! There are definitely some diapers that confuse him. He doesn't like flats and covers and he definitely prefers velcro. I'm alright with that. I have a "dad and babysitter stash" just for him!

So we gave the Ones & Twos a try and here is my husband's review.

Me: So, what do you think of the Ones & Twos diaper?

Jason: (Nods head) Yeah, it's good.

Me: Can you elaborate on your thoughts a little...for the blog?

Jason: Well, I like it because it doesn't have 47 buttons.

So, there you go! This is why men don't write blogs.

My other reviewer, Ted is a fan of this diaper too. I think he would say he likes it because he doesn't have to wait for his dad to snap the "47 buttons" and it really is a quick diaper change! Since Ted doesn’t have much time these days with his busy schedule of crawling and climbing over stuff, this is the perfect diaper for him.

This diaper has four rises that says it should fit 6.5 - 39 pounds. I like it because Ted is long and thin and it fits him perfectly on the "small snap" which is for 11-22 pounds. I have always preferred snaps, but as Ted becomes more wiggly the velcro is so nice and easy to get on him.

This diaper also has an added soaker that you just lay in the diaper. Seriously, this is one of the easiest, most dad-friendly, babysitter-friendly diapers I have ever used. If you are unsure about cloth diapering, this is a great diaper for you!

They are also reasonably priced at $16.95 at most retailers. This is a great price for a great quality, easy to use AIO diaper.

And those bamboo baby leggings. Seriously...I can't handle the cuteness, can you?!

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