{review of} Organic Boba Carrier 3G

I love babywearing. Love it oh-so-much. I've blogged before about my affair with babywearing and also had a wonderful friend guest post on her experience babywearing. She's an expert, lemme-tell-ya.

My very first carrier was one I received as a gift - an Ergobaby carrier. Love it. Still do. It will always be my very first love :)

Since I had an Ergo, I knew that I loved SSC (soft-structured carriers). I like the ease of buckling something around my waist really quickly, throwing the babe on my front or back (or hip, with an Ergo), and buckling the back strap. It is so easy. I love easy.

So, naturally, I had to try the Ergo's competition (in my eyes). Enter in Boba.

The Boba 3G is the Boba carrier that is comparable to an Ergo. It boasts some pretty awesome unique features, such as:

  • It can be used with babies newborn - 45 lbs without an additional infant insert.
  • It has a purse strap holder - a little clip on the shoulder strap that holds your purse on so it won't slip off.
  • It has removable foot straps for bigger babies. These give the babies' legs a rest as well as put them in a correct ergonomic position.
  • It has a removable sleeping hood.

Great features, right!? This list of unique additions makes the Boba even more appealing just on paper. I had to try it for myself!

I was SO pleased to hear from Boba that they would send me the Organic Boba Carrier 3G in Walnut to review. The Organic Carriers "are made with 100% organic cotton and are free from any potentially harmful materials or dyes." What's not to love?!

Boba Collage

{the verdict} Organic Boba Carrier 3G

Right when I opened up my door to see the Boba 3G, I had to break open the box and put my toddler in it. Even though I was 7 months pregnant, I had to see how she felt in it! I've worn my 2 year old daughter before in the Ergo as well as my ring sling while pregnant, so I felt confident in pregnant babywearing.

Check out my 37lb daughter and me in the Boba 3G:

boba toddler

I didn't want to LOVE the Boba. Remember, my first love??? Yeah, well, this felt good. She felt supported and safe, and her weight was all on my hips without me feeling like I was doing all of the work (who wants to do all the work while 7 months pregnant?!). And check out her little feet in the removable foot straps!! I kind of loved it.

The real test came a couple months later - my little Lucia was born. We took her home from the hospital weighing in at 7lb 8oz. My little squish.

I had to get the Boba 3G on her.

Firstly, I need to admit that I did somewhat struggle with changing the adjustments on the carrier to change it over to the newborn setting. Here is Boba's YouTube video explaining how to do it (they also give an instruction manual for doing so, but I LOVE videos):

So, yes, the chick explains that you need to change the buckles to be upside down and inside out and all that jazz - but I get confused easily (oy). Eventually, I figured out the correct way to to have the buckles so that they buckled into each other for the newborn hold.

In went little Lucia at three days old:

boba newborn

Too cute and squishy, right?? I have to tell you, I didn't feel the MOST comfortable the very first time I wore it. I felt like she slid down a little bit, and I definitely wouldn't have felt comfortable wearing her like that out in public without paying 100% attention to her breathing and positioning.

But I tried again about four days later. And - wait for it - it was magical. It seems as though the Boba has her number... every single time I slide her little body into my Organic Boba 3G, the little nugget passes out! She loves the darn thing. And most importantly, I feel comfortable. I feel comfortable wearing her outside of the house, I feel comfortable wearing her around the house doing housework as well as playing with my two other toddlers. It feels good.


  • organic material touching every inch of my babe
  • can go from 7lb-45lb via changing the buckles (you don't need an additional infant insert)
  • pretty colors/prints - I LOVE my Walnut one, and it looks so sleek :)
  • removable sleeping hood (I love that it doesn't need to be flopping around if I don't need it)
  • foot straps for toddlers/bigger babies
  • little pocket for my iPhone
  • magical powers on my little girl ;)

{to consider}

  • not necessarily one-size-fits-all if you have it on the newborn setting.. cannot be quickly converted for me to use on my toddler as well as my newborn - takes me some time to convert it back
  • doesn't have as many pockets as my Ergobaby Carrier (I love pockets!)


Again, I didn't want to or think that I would love this carrier. I was thinking that my first love would always win... but opening my eyes to the Boba 3G has been wonderful. I truly love this carrier and its incredibly different and beneficial features. I feel like Boba has gone above and beyond when it comes to solving problems that moms have while babywearing (the purse strap holder, the foot straps, having to buy two different carriers for newborn vs toddler wearing, etc.). I mean, these are genius solutions to many moms' issues with babywearing. I appreciate when companies think outside of the box to find solutions for us.

I can't wait to wear her again and again in this incredibly comfortable carrier. I feel that she is safe, comfortable, and happy... and that makes me so confident! Let me tell you, I'm sold.

review disclosure

In between tweeting, reading books to my daughters, and [not] burning mac n cheese, I am the Founder + Creative Director of Blessed is She women's ministry + community.