I used to love pocket diapers. Then I hated pocket diapers. Now, I like them again. I'm weird, I get it.

I like that pocket diapers are typically stay-dry materials. I don't have to mess with adding a fleece liner so that my baby stays dry, it's just already there (one less step for mom = happy mom).

I like that you can add or take away the amount of absorbency you need. Granted, none of my girls have been heavy wetters, so I've never needed to add an exorbitant amount of absorbency. But still. You get the idea.

I like that pocket diapers are babysitter friendly (once stuffed by Yours Truly). They go on and off baby just like a disposable (the unstuffing is also done by Yours Truly when I throw everything in the wash), so I can leave them for the babysitter or for Grandma or for my wonderful hubby.

I like that pocket diapers have encased elastic - I find that encased elastic prevents leaks so much more because there is no worry that the non-encased part will slip out and cause wicking or leaks.

So, let me tell you, I was excited when I received the opportunity to review {the NEW} Nicki's Diapers OS Pocket Diaper from Nicki's Diapers as well as Blueberry's Deluxe OS Pocket Diaper from Blueberry Diapers.

I was in Pocket heaven.

I decided to show the comparison of these diapers to a diaper that mostly everyone in the cloth diapering world owns or has tried: the bumGenius 4.0 OS Pocket diaper. You know that one, right??

All three of these diapers have a 3 step rise, so that you can size it small, medium and large. Below is a picture of the diapers on the middle rise settings as well as the diapers opened.

Pocket Diaper Showdown

We have the bumGenius 4.0 in Ribbit (green), Nicki's Diapers in Grape (purple) and the Blueberry in Butterflies (isn't that print gorgeous??).

Right off the bat, you will notice some differences. The bumGenius 4.0 has a strip of PUL across the front tummy part of the diaper, and that is there to prevent any wicking from happening up the tummy. My daughter is a tummy sleeper, so this strip of PUL is definitely something I appreciate. However! I had NO wicking or leaking issues while my daughter slept in Nicki's Diapers Pocket or the Blueberry OS Deluxe.

Another difference you'll notice is the color. Hello Purple! Nicki's Diapers is unique in that their inside fleece material color matches the outside of the diaper. I, for one, think this is adorable. I feel like it hides stains really well (although I've never seen a stain in my Nicki's OR Blueberry) and it's cute and something different. I like different.

The bumGenius pocket material is a suedecloth, whereas Nicki's and Blueberry is a microfleece. Suedecloth is not as soft and fluffy and cuddly as microfleece, but I find that poo comes off really nicely on suedecloth, so I love my BGs for that reason. However, the microfleece on the other two diapers is super soft, and I love that.

One more difference -- they all have different pocket openings. bumGenius has an "envelope" type pocket opening so it folds over on itself, whereas Nicki's has an elastic on the back of the diaper as well as the pocket part of the diaper. Blueberry has just an open flap for the pocket opening. See the Blueberry and Nicki's comparison in the picture below.

showdown 4 CollageBoth the inserts of Nicki's and Blueberry diapers are comparable. They are both made of 4 layers of microfiber. The Blueberry insert is folded onto itself as opposed to all being sewn together, so it dries quicker than Nicki's Diapers Pocket's insert.

My daughter was 2.5 months old when I took the pictures of her in the diapers. I would guess she was around 15 lbs. She wears all three of the diapers on the middle rise setting.

showdown 3 CollageThe waist snap placement on all of the diapers is pretty comparable - the only difference is the Blueberry Deluxe because their snaps are more slanted than the BG or Nicki's. However, you can "slant" the snaps yourself, if baby has a smaller waist and bigger legs, you can put the top snap tighter than the bottom snap, you are not restricted to where the snaps are placed on any of the diapers. Does that make ANY sense?!

A great feature of Nicki's Diapers also is that they have a crossover snap. If baby has a super teeny waist (my daughter doesn't have one of these), then you can crossover the snaps for a really great fit.

Here is a shot of all three of the diapers on little Lucia's legs:

showdown 2 CollageThey all three fit wonderfully, and I could even go a little tighter on the leg snap on the bumGenius, but again, I've never had a leak with ANY of these diapers.

All three of these diapers have encased elastic which I've really grown to love, as I said above. Encased elastic has put my mind at ease when it comes to leaking potential. I know that with all three of these diapers, my daughter will not have any wicking or leaking, as it all is stopped by the elastic.

showdown 1 Collage

One more thing I have to point out about Nicki's Diapers Pocket diaper is that they have a front pocket opening as well. See the photo below.

Nicki's Diapers Front PocketThis is a REALLY awesome feature to me. When I am stuffing the insert into the diaper, I can flatten it and even it all out using both pocket openings, the back and the front. I also - wait for it - don't have to unstuff!!! *Cue Alleluia chorus.*

Amazing. Love it. Could die for it. <--- Is that a little overboard??

But seriously, unstuffing is like the big hairy dog that drools on you and you can't get away from it and afterwards you just feel... dirty.

I don't have that problem with Nicki's Diapers Pocket opening. I'm clean.

I have really loved both the Blueberry OS Deluxe Pocket Diaper and Nicki's Diapers Pocket diaper. They compare wonderfully to my bumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers, and in some ways are even superior to it.

If I want my daughter to not have any leaking issues, I reach for all three of these diapers.

If I want to leave a diaper for dad or babysitters (already stuffed), I reach for all three.

If I want to last an entire nap and then some, I reach for Blueberry or Nicki's.

If I want my daughter to be in something super soft, I reach for Blueberry or Nicki's.

If I want something cute, I reach for Blueberry or Nicki's.

If I want an insert that is fast-drying, I reach for my Blueberry.

If I don't want to unstuff the diaper afterwards, I reach for Nicki's.

If I need to fit a super-teeny waist, I reach for Nicki's.

If I want to show off cloth diapers to all my family and friends, I reach for Blueberry.

I love these diapers. Have I said that enough?

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