Preserving Memories :: Artifact Uprising

Memories aren't my thing. I don't collect them. I don't have a special box for them or save all of the "firsts."

I'm bad, I know.

But sometimes I find something unique, something beautiful, something that makes me feel more creative. Something special.

I'm grateful for those moments. When I'm stopped in my tracks by special memories bound together to last forever.

Artifact Uprising, you have my heart.

It helps that you have your own app, and I can make an entire photobook straight from my iPhone. Yeah, freaking awesome.


It also helps that you are beautifully branded, that you blog about inspiring things like #theroadknows, that you walk with creatives to make the world a more beautiful space.

Thank you, a million times. For being an inspiration. For creating beautiful things. For preserving memories and putting them in something we can keep forever.

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