My Pretty Princess and My Wild Warrior

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We hear it time and time again, "Boys are so much different than girls!"

For quite some time, I really wondered if the people saying that just wanted them to be different.  Turns out they are right, at least in my experience!  My son and daughter are 16 months apart.  Close enough for me to truly recall and confirm the hypothesis that they are in deed different, ohhh so very, very different!  Let me explain what I mean...

My firstborn, a girl, is a Princess.  No really, she insists she is a Princess!  Sometimes a Queen, but most often she reserves that title for me. (Isn’t she the best!)  She changes her clothes about 30+ times a day, mostly between different skirts, dresses and anything with sparkles!  She has a few dress-up clothes, but during the last year she wore only 2 of the dresses, a purple one with sequins and a pink dress with lace and flowers.  She will spin and twirl for hours, often requesting music to be played so she can practice what she thinks is “ballet.”  After every change of clothes she heads to the full-length mirror in my room and gives herself a thorough once-over, checking from each angle how cute her newest outfit looks.  She is as sensitive as can be, and a feeler to her core.  There is nothing about her that doesn’t describe her feminine design!

My son on the other hand, is pretty much her polar opposite.  He LOVES to be dirty!  I am still astonished at his fascination of the potty and the trash can.  Two of the dirtiest objects known to man, and he wants to play with them!  When he was a young toddler, he got into new and different places that my daughter couldn't care less about, often breaking and throwing things.  I had to baby-proof my house in a whole new way when he began to walk.  He is full of energy and we affectionately call him "wild."  He would die before he would sit still, there is far too much to explore and experience in his world.  He is obsessed with tools!  He carries around a screwdriver, wrench or drill in his hand 90% of his day.  Usually useing it on his truck or bike.  He can do mechanical things that my daughter just mastered, delayed though in his verbal skills.  He would much rather be running, jumping or flying his Buzz Lightyear around the house than slowing down to communicate.  After recently watching Mulan, he has discovered swords.  The day after watching the movie he took a stick from outside and made it his sword.  My daughter, she remembered the names of the characters and the story the movie told.  Beautifully different.

I could go on and on about the differences I see on a daily basis, and I am certain they will just continue as they grow up.

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When I first discovered we were having a boy, I was afraid.  I had limited interaction with little boys, and only having a sister, I didn’t really know what it was like to have a boy in the house.  I am a bit of a neat freak, and all I could see was a life of dirt, sweat and foul-language.  Well, I now have the dirt and sweat, but right now I can’t fathom that my sweet little man could ever speak a dirty word! (I know that will most likely not be the case.)

Today, though, I am not afraid!  I am in love!  I am so proud and excited to have such diversity in our household.  I have come to see that there is not one gender to prefer over another, just completely different challenges and adventures with each.  I have come to see each of these differences as a part of God’s great master plan when he created male and female and it certainly is cool to see it start from the beginning.

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