{what kind of diaper} AIO or All In One The name says it all. This is a cloth diaper that closely resembles a disposable diaper. You literally put it on baby, baby wets diaper, you take the diaper off and throw it in the diaper pail. This diaper has the absorbency sewn to the waterproofing, so no extra steps are required. This diaper is available in velcro (like a disposable) or snaps. The one downside to all in ones is they are usually more expensive and take longer to dry because the absorbency is sewn together with the waterproofing.

{the verdict} bumGenius Freetime AIO

This diaper is simple.  And when I say simple, I mean s.i.m.p.l.e!  No extra inserts, no stuffing, just put it on your little one and go.  They call it the Freetime for all the extra Freetime it gives you.  Okay... maybe it doesn't take that long to stuff pocket diapers. But it's still a GREAT perk to never have to stuff this diaper!
The bumGenius Freetime is just another great diaper done by the CottonBabies company.  (They also sell bumGenius 4.0 and Elemental, Flip diapers, and Econobum.)  I was *so* blessed to win my first Freetime in a CottonBabies giveaway.  It was about this time that I began to run low on cloth diaper fire and lost the enjoyment of stuffing pocket diapers (I don't get the moms that actually enjoy this - you ladies are funny!).  And just in the nick of time, came the awesome Freetime diaper to my door, to re-energize my cloth diaper obsession.

This is a fairly absorbent diaper. It has two microfiber inserts that have a stay-dry lining on top of them. These two inserts lay over one another and an additional layer of microfiber that is sewn into the shell.

It has some room underneath to add additional absorbency, but I have not yet found something that is thin enough in width to fit inside without peeking out the sides.

While this hasn't been a big issue with my little guy, who isn't a heavy wetter, I can see some families seeing this as a deal-breaker.  It will last about 2-3 hours of usage before requiring a change.

The Freetime is an one-size diaper, meaning it is designed to fit babies from 8 to 35 pounds.  One-size diapers come with 3 rows of snap down settings to fit your baby best.
This is great economical feature, as you won't need to buy new diapers as your baby grows, but the fit isn't as great as a sized diaper would be.
The overall fit of the diaper isn't the trimmest AIO I have experienced, but it certainly isn't the bulckiest option.  It is also a bit wide in the crotch for my liking, but for a boy, and "front" wetter, I have grown to love some extra coverage.

It comes in some of the cutest prints, Lovelace and Albert (which is pictured), and some great solid colors.  The outside is the typical PUL waterproofing, with elastic around baby's back and legs.  All Cottonbabies products come with the option of snaps, which is my preference, or hook-and-loop (hook-and-loop is the cloth diaper version of velcro).

This company has great customer service, so in the rare event that something went wrong with your diaper, they would do their best to rectify it.


    • EASY -- have I mentioned how easy this diaper is??
  • 2 over-lying layers of microfiber with a third layer sewn in
  • sitters and hubby approved
  • fun prints and colors
  • All-in-one AND one-size-fits-all
  • stay-dry layer touching baby's bum
  • quick drying (compared to most AIOs)
  • amazing customer service
  • all your extra "Freetime" left from not stuffing a pocket diaper ;)

{to consider}

    • wide and bulky crotch
  • no room for additional absorbency
  • microfiber insert which wears after continued use and washing
  • not a trim fit
I have two of these diapers in my stash, and they are often one of the first ones I go to when diapering my babe.  However, I do try to save them for sitters because they are their favorite with their ease of use.  And I certainly love showing off this fun print.  I would recommend this diaper in conjunction with some other good pocket diapers within your stash, so you have some options for adding extra absorbency.  But, all-in-all, a great and worthwhile buy!
Price $19.95 - buy now at Kelly's Closet! What is your favorite all-in-one diaper?