{review} itti bitti d'lish AIO

{what kind of diaper} AIO or All In One

The name says it all. This is a cloth diaper that resembles a disposable diaper the closest. You literally put it on baby, baby wets diaper, you take diaper off and throw it in the diaper pail. This diaper has the absorbency sewn to the waterproofing, so no extra steps are required. This diaper is available in velcro (like a disposable) or snaps. The one downside to all in ones is they are usually more expensive and take longer to dry because the absorbency is sewn together with the waterproofing.

{the verdict} itti bitti d'lish AIO

I have one itti bitti d'lish AIO in my stash. It is in Yellow and in snaps (they only have snaps). The outside is literally the softest minky I've ever touched EVER.

**PS - itti bitti just released a new line of diapers with same colored snaps to their amazingly bright and adorable colors!

The inside part that touches the babe is a suedecloth liner (which is stay-dry, meaning it wicks moisture away from baby's bottom so she doesn't feel wet), and then underneath the suedecloth liner, there is a sewn-in soaker.

Between the soaker and the minky is the waterproofing, so you do not need an additional cover on the diaper, and no PUL is touching the baby, which I really love.

The d'lish is offered in three sizes: Small (8-16lbs), Medium (14-26lbs), and Large (23-37lbs). I have a Small in the AIO.

  • no PUL touching baby

  • absorbent

  • minky outer

  • bright colors

  • cute prints

  • AIO (ease of use)

  • stay-dry fabric

  • no microfiber

  • sized diaper

  • trim

  • fastest drying AIO

  • amazing quality

  • great customer service

  • adaptable - can add additional snap-in boosters

{to consider}

  • takes longer to dry than pocket/shells/etc.

  • sized, so it is not one-size-fits-all

Below is a comparison shot of my girl's tooshy - the SIO is a Medium, AIO is a small, and the Simplex is a Medium.

{view for yourself}


This diaper was my favorite diaper in my stash. It is the trimmest, softest, cutest diaper that I have ever seen. I love all of itti bitti's bright, vibrant colors as well, and they also have Limited Edition prints that are so much fun because then you feel like you have an original that not everyone else has.

I think the price of these diaper is great for an AIO: $18.95. However, it is sized, so some people may think this is too much. I prefer sized diapers, so the perfect fit is worth it to me!

I cannot recommend this diaper enough!

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