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There is a road meant for you to travel,

narrow and steep is the shepherd’s way.

And as you say, “Yes,” letting me guide you, 

I will be strength for the journey.

Hand in hand we walked.  My eldest daughter grasping one hand, and my son in the other.  Walking down the aisle to receive the most Blessed Sacrament in Communion and I heard the song.

Most often in Mass, I am settling the latest quarrel between my oldest kids, gripping and maneuvering my squirmy 1 year old, hushing, disciplining, bribing, etc.  It's simply a miracle if praying fits in with all of that ruckus.  And sometimes I leave exhausted and wondering to myself, what just happened??  What were those readings about?  What songs did we sing?  Did I even have time to sit quietly and listen to God Himself speak?

Honestly, the answer is more often than not, NO!

But this time, walking down the aisle, walking towards His most precious, Blessed self, I heard the song.

I have heard the song about a million times before.  It's actually really not one of my favorite songs, like not even close.  But hearing it this time changed my heart.

There is a cross meant for you to carry, 

there is a cross meant for you alone.

And as you bow down in humble surrender 

I will be strength for the journey. 

This week has been hard.  I'm incredibly restless, feeling this intense desire for change or excitement.  Getting up to the norm of every day has been daunting.  And that's the funny thing, the week really has not offered any challenges that are not par for the course.  But somehow, for some reason, this week, today, they feel so much harder!  

But more than once this week, when this feeling of weighed down, pile of bricks, uneasy, restlessness, sadness came upon me, I heard the song.

How many times have you doubted my word?

How many times must I call your name?

And as you say, “Yes,” letting me love you, 

I will be strength for the journey. 

I see myself, once again, hand in hand with my children, walking towards His most precious, Blessed self.

And then, there is peace.

Not answers.

But peace.

Suddenly, I know He is teaching me.  He is leading me.  He is giving me strength for the daily journey.

And that is simply enough.

Strength for the Journey by Michael John Poirier