{A Surprise} Happy Birthday to Jenna

happy birthday jenna

Jenna and I met through our then boyfriends, now husbands.  They grew up together, in this great, big, amazing Community.  (I’ll tell you guys all about that another day.)  We were young, barely in our twenties, Jenna and I, but we were in serious relationships.  Not many other friends were at this stage and nothing breeds a bond better than understanding.  And thus our friendship was born.

We journeyed together through dating, engagement, planning and celebrating each others weddings, and then we became mothers.  Each of our 3 children are just months apart, creating some of the sweetest, most special friendships all over again

It’s been pretty clear, the weave of God’s hand in our friendship. 

Jenna has been a constant in my life over the years of our friendship.  I can’t explain the bond of sisterhood that has been forged through the memories, the tears shed, the laughter shared.  But I can explain what makes Jenna so special, her authenticity.

You as a reader can probably see that, and I know most definitely that her friends and family see that too!  There is no facade.  There is no mask.  It’s just pure, simple, genuine beauty with her.  A true heart.  A loyal friend.  And a fun-loving spirit.

I’m pretty proud to call Jenna my best friend.  Even more than that, I am blessed!  Blessed by the love that God allows to shine through her and her fervent desire to always point it back to Him.

Happy Birthday dear friend!

You {Pretty} are a one of a kind, genuine treasure!


Blessings and Love,


photo credit lexy popa photography