Tea on Tuesdays {12.3.13}

Hey friends! Thanksgiving is over... now onto consuming Christmas thoughts. Phew it's gon' be crazy, right? I hope you are able to find some time to just be with the family amidst all the crazy busy-ness!

Got your tea? Let's roll...

My favorite links:

  1. Speaking of preparing for Christmas, Jenny over at Suscipio has a really beautiful Advent devotional she is doing based on the Jesse Tree readings. It is really beautiful and inspiring to me because I need some guided reading to put some focus on Advent and preparing my heart for Christmas. I also love that it's on my phone, so I can read the devotional while nursing or hiding in the bathroom with chocolate.
  2. Sheesh. Some people just give you chills when they write. Thank you, Kate at Motley Mama. I hope I remember too.
  3. Speaking of the weight of motherhood, my beautiful friend Corinna at Track 8 wrote about how thankful she is in her life. I wrote a little bit about Corinna in my post to Those of You Who Have Lost a Child. She continues to inspire me every day.
  4. Mary Beth is such an incredible lady over at Annapolis & Company. She is the creator of #theeverydayproject on Instagram (Anna Kate from Home Away from Home turned me onto that glorious hashtag of hashtags). Mary Beth wrote this post. She says, "It’s sad that for most of us, loss is often what it takes to truly live and begin to breathe our day-to-day blessings. It is an ache that sits in our souls. A yearning for the what-would-have-beens."

What we've got going on at A Mama Collective:

  • Mary and I did a Thankful-a-Day series type deal on the good ole Insta. She compiled all of our pictures in one nice blog post for you.
  • This coming Friday the 12 Days of Peace, Love & Giving giveaway begins. It is hosted by Cloth Diaper GeekChange-Diapers.com and us. I canNOT wait to give away 12 prizes every day to y'all and then have a jamming time at our Facebook party. Literally.can't.wait. Here are all our current giveaways going on.
  • I recently wrote about those moments you can't take back. Soak it up if you remember, Mama. Life is always moving. Most of the time I'm grateful for that - please, can the minutes go faster so it can be bedtime?! But really, there are those special moments when I pause. And that pause - it's glorious.

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