Tots Bots Easy Fit Diaper: Sponsored by Thanks Mama {Review}

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{review of} Tots Bots Easy Fit Diaper (V2)

We are so grateful to Thanks Mama for allowing us to review the elusive Tots Bots, especially in one of their awesome limited edition prints.  Pictured here is the "Three Pigs" which I love as a great gender neutral print.  You may remember, that I included Tots Bots in my If I Could Cloth Diaper All Over Again post and mentioned that I had never tried this brand before.  Tots Bots nappies are made in the UK, hence the use of the word nappies. ;)  They are distributed here in the US by the Bummis brand and can be found at select cloth diaper retailers.  They are actually one of the harder to find cloth diapers here in the states.

Last year (I believe) Tots Bots revamped their Easy Fit diaper.  Now it basically is an AI1 diaper, with a tongued soaker that can be folded into the back pocket.  This is made of a very soft, minky fabric.  They also include in your purchase a fleece liner.  So I guess that makes it an A12 if we wanna be really technical.  While minky is super soft, it is not known to be the most absorbent of cloth diaper fabrics.  Maybe that is why they add in the fleece liner, to give you an extra boost to take away moisture from babies little tushie.  Just a theory.

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{the verdict}

Okay, so I still LOVE the print.  But do I LOVE the diaper?  Not so much.  I'm pretty bummed to say that, but this is an honest review.  Lets start with fit.  There is not many snap down options for this diaper.  It states it should fit from the ranges of 8-35lbs.  My {almost} 12 month old, barley weighs 20lbs.  And she was on the biggest setting, and towards the end of the belly snaps.  I did some experimenting with other snap/sizing options, but it left the diaper all bunched, tugged and all together no fitting right.  I for sure have at least another year of cloth diapering with my little gal, and I'm afraid this diaper will surely be outgrown before then.

Now let's talk snaps.  I don't usually notice, or comment of the snaps of a diaper, but it's pretty hard not to notice it on this diaper.  I had to pulllllllll before I was unable to unsnap and then when it came time to put it on her, I had to puuuuussshhh just right to get it to securely snap in place.  This was a big frustration as my sweet thing is very squirmy on the changing table right now, so getting her to sit still through this debacle was the last thing I needed.  And turns out I'm not the only one with snap troubles.  I did a quick google search and found many other reviewers comment on how hard the snaps were to use.  So no, mama, you aren't crazy, you aren't losing muscle and strength by the minute, Tots Bots snaps are just a pain in the neck.

The good news is, the positives of this diaper just about outweigh the negatives.  I love the fit on the legs and back, the encased elastic doesn't give her red marks, yet fits snug enough to prevent leaks or poopoo explosions.  It is beautifully trim, especially under my babies other bulky winter clothes.  Maybe the minky isn't as absorbent as it could be, but it has a pocket that you could easily add a doubler to.  And, one of my favorite diaper features, the tongued soaker agitates out of the pocket in the wash.  In a stash full of pockets, it's such a treat to come upon a diaper that I don't have to disassemble before putting in the wash.  Anytime I can have less contact with poo and pee, it's a win for me! ;)    tots bots 3


  • soft minky fabric touching babies skin
  • additional fleece liner included to add stay dry function
  • Trim
  • Fun and unique (gender neutral) prints
  • Can be used as an AI1
  • Tongued soaker agitates out in the wash- less contact with poo and pee! Yay!
  • Great fit along back and legs
  • Fast dry time

{to consider}

  • snaps are CRAZY hard to work with (I've heard that as you use them more, they get easier.  Here's to hoping!)
  • not many rise/fit options
  • Will probably grow out of it fast due to lack of rise settings
  • Minky fabric on inner doesn't provide all that much absorbency (only lasted 2 hours for me)


review scale-6

I really wanted to fall in love with the Tots Bots diaper, but sometimes my dream of a product is simply that, a dream.  I did still find some great qualities in the diaper, but it probably won't make me run to go buy more.  Until the next new, cute prints come out.  I know, I know, I'm a sucker!

The great news is that I am just one person with an opinion on this diaper.  Lots of people LOVE Tots Bots diapers.  You can enter to win one, sponsored by the wonderful people at Thanks Mama in our 12 days of Peace, Love and Giving Giveaway.  Or you can head straight to their site and try it out for yourself.  I would love to know what you think of it!

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