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Have you seen the #YesAllWomen on Twitter? Carly tells us her experience here. Why it's important. Why we need to listen.

Why you should use a thrift store as your personal storage unit. Tsh does it again.

This giveaway is beyond. Freshly Picked moccs and $125 in paypal dollars?! Yes please.

How did I just now find this blog? It's gorgeous. I want to snuggle up with it.

Speaking of which, be inspired by them here. Dream big, friend.

Also, this. Blogging "has made me focus on living in the now versus getting to the next thing in life."

I'm in love with everything in this shop. Can I has it all? This is so cute.

Oh, and boost your happiness. My favorite is number 2. I could put on some JT and life is instantly better.

What we've got going on at A Mama Collective:

I'm giving away a gorgeous photobook from Artifact Uprising. It's sooo beautiful, guys.

Our co-host for Currently this week is Jade from Simply Love Jade, and I just love love her blog. Check her out, she's so sweet.

Some posts you may have missed:

Favorite insta of the week:

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KristenI'm giving some love to my beautiful sponsor [and friend], Kristen of When at Home. I've known her for quite a while, and I am so blessed to know someone so kind-hearted, truly on fire for community, and has a beautiful way with words.

She's the bees knees, mamas. Her post called Let Your Husband Love You went viral-crazy because it's that good, her words in Difficulty of Discipline are oh-so-true, and her essays on motherhood can suck you in and keep you there, resting in knowing there is someone else going through things just like you.

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