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Mary Beth lays it o u t.

Loved this post on work.

A great article on if pop-ups really work for growing your email list and blog following.

Comparison kills aka the three legged dog teaches great lessons. Good stuff right here.

A pep talk to the girl who's trying.

Praise God Christianity Today took down the horrid post. Here is their apology. This article does an excellent job of summarizing what this whole fiasco has been about, and check out #TakeDownThatPost on twitter to find out a little bit more about this mistake.

My amazing friend writes about being 20 weeks pregnant with her baby girl who has anencephaly.

What we've got going on at A Mama Collective:

The Little Hip Squeaks giveaway is so dang cute. I want everything in her shop. Mostly this.

OH and we're giving away $66 cash monies ;)

I wrote a couple times about marriage. Mostly because I'm motivated to write about things that I'm struggling with. So I wrote about not forgetting the things I love about my husband. And how I don't believe in soul matesDo you?

I hope you got a chance to read Mary's post on parenting lies she's tired of believing.

PS -- Happy Father's Day to all the pops out there! If you still need a good DIY Father's Day gift, check this one out.

Favorite insta of the week //

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For my fellow Phoenicians, you must check out this month's sponsor. Pogo Pass is a membership that provides you 12 months of FREE access to the best entertainment venues in Phoenix. They have compiled the best in entertainment for families, and I especially love all of the indoor options since it's hotter than crud out here right now. Check out all of the amazing venues you can have free access to here.

If you use the code "COLLECTIVE," you get this pass for over half off. Have fun, friends.

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